10 Different ways of styling crop tops

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10 Different Ways of Styling Crop Tops

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Funnily the hottest Fashion trends right now are those that trace their ways way back into the past, like the crop top! Making a comeback straight from the 80s, crop tops can be worn in just so many ways helping you unleash different personalities of yourself. However the big news is that you do not need to show too much skin while wearing them. Their styling has drastically evolved and so much that even the heavier women do not feel hesitant in wearing them given the fact crop tops can be a little intimidating. Be it a happening party or an elegant lunch, here’s how you can rock them:

1. The add layers look

  • The easiest way to wear a crop top if you feel shy wearing them is by layering them upon longer tops. That way you can wear them without any timidity and feel utmost relaxed being anywhere. Just ensure that the longer top is well fitted and goes with the color of your crop top.

no 2 ways of styling crop tops


2. The stay calm look

  • If you thought only skintight crop tops work, here’s why you are wrong. Instead go for crop tops that have a loose fight and give a breeze look to your outfit. Don’t worry anymore about eating ice-creams occasionally and fearing you won’t fit in the top. Shop for a beautiful variety of crop tops online at discounted prices using Trendin coupons present on CashKaro.com which will even fetch you handsome cash back.

no 3 ways of wearing crop tops


3. The high level look

  • If you want to show only a silver of your skin, the best way is to go for a skirt or jeans that have a high-waist. Pair your crop top with them and rock it without feeling shy. And the best thing is that even high-waist jeans are in! This lets you combine the two trendiest fashion trends in one outfit and working them to your advantage.

no 4 ways of wearing crop tops


4. The tied up look

  • Pair a knotted crop top with boyfriend jeans to add both the elements of boldness and nonchalance. The knot will let you decide how much skin to bare. Adjust it as per your preference. Pair it with killer stilettos or canvas sneakers.

no 5 ways of wearing crop tops

5. The Monochromatic look

  • Wear a monochromatic look like Taylor Swift has as shown below. Team up a white crop top with a black skirt that has a high slit. To add a pop of color, go for a bright lipstick or bright accessories. Shop for your choice of bright lipstick online with tempting discounts by using Nykaa coupons present on CashKaro.com.


no 6 ways of wearing crop tops

6. The Formal look

  • Who said crop tops could only be worn the casual way? Define casual in a new sense by pairing your crop top with a blazer and culottes. The combination is an ultimate style setter and will surely turn on heads.

no 6 ways of wearing crop tops

7. High-low crop top

  • Go for a crop top that is short at the front but a little longer at the back. Throw your shyness in the bin with it and get ready to steal some attention.


no 7 in 10 ways of wearing crop tops

8. The unconventional way

  • If you don’t want to show your stomach and instead want to wear it the unusual way, pair it with overalls.

no 8 in 10 ways of wearing crop tops

9. The traditional yet modern way

  • Among the hottest Indian bridal trends, lehengas with crop tops are an instant hit. They can’t just be seen on runaways but also on the to-be brides.

no 8 in 10 ways of wearing crop tops

10. The long affair

  • If you are pairing your crop top with short bottoms, go for crop tops with long sleeves to escape from showing too much of skin.

no 10 in 10 ways of wearing crop tops



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