3 FREE ways to Ensure that your website is safe

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When you have a website your most important visitors are your customers. Here are 3 FREE ways to ensure that your website is safe for them to use.

It is your job to ensure that your customers are protected from any Malware (malicious software or viruses).

Below is a list of three different Malware scanning programs you can use to ensure that your website is safe for your customers to use.

1. Sucuri:

Go to sucuri to have your website scanned for FREE to make sure that everything is in order. In the screenshot below you can see everything that is checked and you have two more tabs for Website details and Blacklisting status that you can also check. The screenshot below is for all-about-life-tips.com.

You also have an option to sign up and always be sure that your website is safe for everyone to use.


2. VirusTotal:

You can check e-books before you load them onto your site to make sure that they are safe and your customers are not in danger of downloading Malware. You can have it checked for free at VirusTotal.

You can also check your URL's to ensure that everything in your Website is safe.

If you want to upload your e-book, click on choose file and select your file or book from your computer. VirusTotal runs it and immediately give you your report.

Below is a screenshot to see what to expect when you arrive at VirusTotal's Website.


If you wish to scan a URL, you can look just below the "scan it" button is the "scan a URL" you can click on it and type in your URL. VirusTotal runs your URL and gives you a report.

3. Quttera:

You can also use quttera malware scanner.Below is a screenshot of everything that you can have checked by quttera.

If you wish, you can sign up for a plan to protect your website with anti-malware monitoring and alerting service, their plans are not expensive, for instance, you pay $5 per month for one domain or better yet, you only pay $48 for a year for one domain.



Did you use one of these 3 ways to ensure that your website is safe?

I hope that your reports were awesome and that now you can relax and know that everything is in order. If not, I hope that you are able to sort it out quickly and rest assured knowing everything is fixed.

Feel free to send everybody you know over here by sharing this important information.





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