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Good day,

First of all I would like to personally welcome you to all-about-life-tips[dot]com.

Relax, take a little break (with coffee or a chocolate) and enjoy the content I've written especially for you.

Why should you stay around?

I offer advice on the subjects bellow and firmly believe that you will gain allot of useful information from it.

I don't believe I know everything, who can say that they have nothing more to learn, but as we learn together, we'll grow together.

Every day we learn new things and it is an opportunity to embrace and enjoy the learning part of life.

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What is all-about-life-tips.com about?

What you can expect to find on this site is information about:


Diets & Exercise

Beauty (make-up, hair, nails)

Making money online

I know, if this is your first visit, you don't know me, so how can you trust me to tell you about making money online? The reason I write about making money online is because there are so many scammy sites around these days and because I've had my fair share of loosing money to them, I feel it is very important to lead new people who are searching from scratch - "how can I make money online" or "where do I start to make money online". I've already lost my money and believe me when I tell you, I don't want the same to happen to you.(If you are here because you want to start from scratch, be sure to read the beginners guide and how to become a web developer expert)
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Who are the people behind all-about-life-tips.com?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Linda (you can see my picture above in my header) and I live in South-Africa.

I am a mother of two children who I am homeschooling.

We had another child, but she is not with us anymore - I plan to write a book on her life story, how and why she died and how it affected our family, but seriously haven't had the time to yet - you can let me know if you would be interested in a book like this, if I have enough interest, maybe that will give me more motivation to write the book. I have an idea of writing this book in the third person sounding like fiction based on a true story. If you are interested and you let me know, I'll send you the first copy to review for free and you can help me decide if it is good enough.

The name of our Homeschool is in Afrikaans, but translated to English,  it is Sunflower Home School and our motto is "We are the seed of Jesus"

These are my two homeschoolers (the big dog is Jesse and she always poses for photos).

all-about-life-tips family

To protect them, I will refer to them as "Big Boy" and "Little Girl" in my posts. Yes, my son is the oldest although they look like twins, because they are the same length (and starting to outgrow me :-)).

I am a R-ADDICT, which is my own description for a Reading Addict, because I love reading, fiction and non-fiction.

Also, I like to be honest and straight forward, some people might not like this, but I decided long ago in life, that it is better to be honest with people - then they know where they stand with you.

My husband is great, he fixes everything in and around the house, even things I did not know were broken.

Let's go shopping

If you like shopping as much as I do you can visit any of the shops according to your line of interest

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Beauty shop

Making money online shop

Fun shop

Feel free to engage and enjoy it around our little special place.

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Homeschool freebies

Free (language) learning program grade K-6

Bigger blogging profits

Body building naturally

Are you tired of struggling through life?

As everyone in life, I've had my ups and downs. I've learned the truth about why and how the things in your life happens and if you would like to change your life drastically sign up for the following course:

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Have a great day and may God bless you ABUNDANTLY!


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