Add awesome pictures to your site

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Adding awesome pictures to your site

It is not only good for conversion and social media, but it is fun to try your own things. (Like creating your own WordPress or Facebook banner - Read more about it here)

The most helpful tool to create awesome pictures with

Click on the banner below to go to PicMonkey.

Great news (for now) - although PicMonkey is not expensive to start with, if you apply now, you can even try out Royale (the upgraded version) for free for a whole month.

Even if you don't upgrade, you can still do allot of fun things with PicMonkey on the free plan - that makes it even more worth checking them out.

Normal price $4.99 per month on monthly plan or $33 per year on the yearly plan.

Making double exposure pictures

In the following video you learn how to make double exposure pictures with PicMonkey. Do be able to do that you must upgrade to the Royale plan.

Isn't that just too cool for words?

Not only for your Website or blog

Use PicMonkey to change some of your family photo's. Add some words or things that makes the picture much more interesting and special.

You can also use it to make beautiful and inspiring cards for Social Media.

I used PicMonkey without photo's to make some of the pictures on this site like this one:

light therapy for depression

After you play with the picture

When you finished editing your photo you download it to your computer immediately and you can use it for whatever it is that you wanted to do with it - share on your website or blog or if it's a family picture you printed for Dad for Father's day or Grandpa's or Grandma's special family memories gift.

Do you also think the double exposure is too cool for words?

Feel free to share your opinion about the double exposure pictures by leaving a comment below.

Great information on photos

If you are looking for more information on adding awesome pictures to your site, you MUST CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE BY NEIL PATEL - it is the most valuable I've ever come across. He even explains all the licenses you can use and should avoid.

Looking for photos

If you are looking for photos and you are afraid of the licenses, you can check out Negative there will be photos uploaded regularly and you are allowed to use them in any way you like.

Share this

You can't keep this all to yourself, share it with your friends. On your left side you will see all the sharing buttons - feel free to use them.

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