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When it comes to exercising, not everyone has time, but if you don't do stomach exercises, your stomach muscles become flabby, that is why you need stomach exercises you can do anytime

Many moons ago, I said that I will share with you stomach exercises that you can do anytime, even in your kitchen while cooking, maybe this sounds too good to be true, but read further, you'll see.

This is where I have to apologise for taking so long to put it up, hope you'll forgive me.

Ok, I know this is ridiculous, putting up a book that only costs $0.02, (the shipping costs more) it is as good as free, but this book, for me has a history.

When I was allot younger, I think maybe after my first child's birth, my mother gave me this book. The pages are yellow and the book really looks used, but I never followed the diet in the book, just the exercises. (Which I don't do anymore = laziness)

I am not copying her method of exercising, but because of the exercises in this book, I have learned how to tighten my stomach muscles. I will have to explain part of it from this book, otherwise you will not get the idea behind how to do exercises for your stomach muscles anytime, anywhere.

This part comes out of the book and although I would not let you do this exercise in the kitchen, I would suggest you do it someplace just to get the feeling that I want you to.

1. Lie down on your back. Put your hand under the small of your back; you will find a gap - maybe a big gap. The pelvic tilt will close this gap. Remove your hand and put your arms by your sides.

2. Make sure your neck and shoulders are flat on the ground - now, using your stomach muscles, press your low back down into the floor, and tilt your pubic bone towards your upper body. Your pelvis is now properly aligned. Pull your stomach hard towards the floor and hold it in for a count of five before beginning your exercise.

This was actually the exercise that you had to do between the hard exercises - if you want the exercises, I would suggest you buy the book, because the purpose of this article is not to copy all of her exercises, it is to let you feel how your stomach muscles tighten.

They are great exercises and part of the three exercises you must do if you want to loose fat, which are aerobic exercises, weight training and stretching.

While you are lying on the floor, with your stomach muscles tight (like explained above), lift your head to tighten your muscles more. You can press with your hand on your stomach to feel if you can feel your stomach muscles, if you can, you don't have too much fat around your waist, but if you can't, you will have to exercise more and look at your diet, you can look at the greatest diet tip to help you.

Absorb this feeling of how your stomach muscles are feeling and how you tighten them.

The next step:

Now after you got up, see if you can tighten your stomach muscles the same way in the standing position.

If you can't you will have to go back to lying down and make sure that you concentrate on every single part of your body to make sure that you know exactly how to tighten your stomach muscles.

While you are standing, tighten your stomach muscles and swing your hips without moving the top part of your body, but your knees can move from left to right with your hips.  (although I still would not suggest you do this in the kitchen, except if you are alone, this part also has a purpose)

Do you feel it? If you continue long enough and you are really tightening your stomach muscles the right way, you will feel your muscles start burning, because they are exercising.

You can also stand with your feet approximately the length of a ruler apart. Hold your feet, legs and hips still and move your upper body - swaying your shoulders in a forward left to right position, as if you are punching someone - but make sure that your stomach muscles are tight like in the example above.

Do you feel that? Again your stomach muscles are burning, but this time it is more the ones at the top and center, where with the previous method it was the ones at the bottom and center.

How to use what you learned to do anytime stomach exercises:

I am sure you've heard allot of people say that you must pull in your tummy to exercise the muscles, but after what you've just learned, if you pull in your tummy the normal way, can you feel that this does not do anything for your stomach?

You can do this method now anytime -

while you are walking.

while you are cooking, especially if you bend down to pick up something or have to fetch a pot from the bottom of the cupboard.

when you sit on the couch watching TV, but if you are sitting, it will work better if you pull your feet up.

if you are lying on the couch watching TV you can also use this, just move your legs from left to right while tightening your stomach muscles.

when you are mopping the floor. It is great if you stand with your feet slightly apart, tightening your stomach muscles and not moving your legs or hips - staying in the same place, mopping from left to right.

Over to you:

1. Was my explanations good enough for you to understand exactly what I mean, or do you need some more help?

2. Have you tried this and how do you feel?

3. Don't you think it is awesome, this way you can exercise anytime, anywhere and you can feel your stomach muscles burning.

Thank you for reading: do anytime stomach exercises and please don't hesitate to share and sign up for "amazing weight loss and diet tips" by filling in your details just below in the sign in box.


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