Are you struggling to get links?

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Links are the lifeblood of your blog, are you struggling to get links?

What are links

Links are websites, mostly in the same niche (line of interest), that links together.

If you don't have links from your website to another, or from another website to yours, your ranking in the search engines is lower than it would be if you were linked to other bloggers.

You get sites where you can buy links, but don't even go there......before you know it, you will be penalized and you will loose your site - it will be blocked by Google. Besides, the links you get from these Link buying sites are not even connected with the same interests as your blog is.

Rather work on building links legally and safely.

How to get links legally

The most fun way is to run blog parties. (blog hops or blog competitions)

What you do is you invite all the people in you subscriber list to join in writing posts on their blogs and then they link it back to your site.

If you don't have many subscribers yet, don't worry, you can do link ups in any of the following methods:

  • Through sending an email invitation
  • through posting on your blog
  • through facebook
  • through twitter

Like the following link-up competition on doing make-up in 15 minutes or less.

Have a make-up blog? Go ahead - write your post on your site and after you are finished, click on the add your link button.

You will be asked to fill in the url of your post, so remember to copy it and paste it in the right line. - Need help, please ask.

Sign up at InLinkz and start your own link parties

Whether you are struggling to get links or not, joining InLinkz will grow your links as well as your visitors.

Try it out for free.


Struggling to come up with blog topics?

You can read this great post popular-blogging-topics for some inspiration.

What is your comment on struggling to get links?

If you have any great ideas to share with us and you are not struggling to get links by using another great legal method, feel free to share it with us by leaving a comment below.


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Some of the links may be affiliate links. This does not mean that you pay more for the product, it means I get a small commission which goes towards keeping this site up and running - THANK YOU!
It is safer to click on links, because then you know you are going to the right site.

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