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Hi there, I am a homeschool mom of 2. We live in South Africa and our first and foremost priority is to teach the Word of God, because we absolutely love Him. Here at all-about-life-tips.com I post articles about home schooling, diets, beauty, making money online and other important life changing tips.Come find me on Google+

High performance makeup made with certified organic ingredients

Looking for high performance makeup made with certified organic ingredients? Look no further. Being a make-up addict with a huge fear of aging, I was super excited when I received the e-mail below from one of my favorite make-up and beauty suppliers – Juice Beauty. It is about the new products they are launching and […]

How to rock in Twitter and get more followers

Want to learn how you can rock in Twitter and get more followers? Twitter is one of the biggest social media accounts your business can use. Even though Twitter discontinued showing share numbers on websites, Twitter is still very popular. In the future, we will see how this decision may affect them, but for now, […]

Perfect on Page SEO

Struggling to understand how to get Prefect on Page SEO? Are you struggling to get ranked for your keywords or do you just not understand what SEO is, what it means or how to create your site for the perfect on-page SEO strategy. Free Infographic Use this easy to understand infographic to help you through your SEO […]

How to drastically improve blog post writing

Want to drastically improve your blog post writing? I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate recently and the main problem I see with the new people creating blog posts is grammar and spelling errors. I understand that not everybody is English and that the difference in language plays a big role, that is why I’m not judging, but […]

Awesome Christmas gift ideas

Can you believe it is time to get Christmas gift ideas again If you haven’t started looking at Christmas gifts yet, you are like me. Every year I wait until the last minute to get Christmas Gifts and the weirdest part is, we know it is coming all year round. Every year, I decide in […]

Don’t confuse homeschooling with school

Homeschooling should not be confused with public schools, I see and hear it regularly Your friends Your friends don’t think that you should homeschool your kids, because you don’t have a degree in teaching. Am I right? They don’t agree with what you are doing, because they don’t know what homeschooling is. And to help […]

50 top courses in any category

You must hurry to take advantage of these great offers, so here are lists of 50 top courses in allot of categories to help you decide what you want to learn today. Did you know, for any course you do at Udemy, you receive a certificate? 50 Bestsellers- Become a SuperLearner: Learn Speed Reading & […]

Perfect memorials holiday gift guide

Use this holiday gift guide for the people who are not with you through this festive season. They are the ones you think about most of the time. How would you like to include them in your Holiday festivities? Perfect Memorials Holiday Gift Guide Disclosure: This post was provided by eAccountable and contains affiliate links […]

Personal skincare evaluation

Skincare is vital – think about it – for years you are going to walk in your skin 5 Common Skin Sins to Avoid by TrophySkin.com 5 Common skin sins to avoid Click To Tweet If you barely have any wrinkles (lucky you), now is the time to start preventing. If you are showing any […]

Learn anything and receive a certificate

You can learn anything you want and receive a certificate for it, here’s how: Rather want to teach something? scroll down and see how you can teach and earn money Don’t have the money to learn anything right now? scroll down to see how you can learn something for free And don’t forget to sign […]


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