Autism, ADD and learning challenges

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When told your child has Autism, ADD, ADHD or any other learning challenges it can be a bit daunting

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agnitus for ADD,ADHD,dyslexia or learning challenges

It is difficult to absorb the fact that your child might have some kind of learning challenges/disabilities, but I have been wondering lately, is it really as serious as we think?

Before you get angry and decide that I lost my marbles with this question, read further - I have my fair share of learning challenges/disabilities:

I am home schooling my two children one has ADHD and the other has dyslexia. About dyslexia I don't know much, but thanks to programs like all-about-learning it is easier to help her learn. My first child, who is not with us anymore had Autism (Click here to read more about Autism and ADHD).

ADHD is a subject I know allot more about, because, well, I have ADHD.

If you would like to find out if you or your child also has ADHD, you can read this article (about symptoms of ADHD) or do a ADHD treatment. I did not have to do these tests to know that I have ADHD, I knew it since my son was diagnosed with ADHD, because when they gave me a list of his symptoms that qualifies him for ADHD, I saw that it was a description of me.

Some symptoms of ADHD:

If you would like to get into the head of a person with ADHD, I can tell you how we think and what we do:

  • My mother always had to tell me to stop jumping up and down while I'm talking to her (sometimes I would even climb the door's frame while talking to her)- In other words, don't expect a child with ADHD to sit still, they can't.
  • I would babble on about things, but never really getting to the point.
  • Studying for tests and exams was super hard. I sometimes hit my head with the books, because the information just did not want to go in. In the end, I had to study double as hard as my classmates to get the same results as they did.
  • Sometimes, when I speak, I use the same words as everybody else, but it seems as if no one understands me.
  • It is difficult to start with one project and finish it without doing maybe two or more other things in between.
  • I can't sit still.
  • I think about two or more things at the same time.
  • Chew everything I can find when I have to really concentrate.
  • Sometimes, when someone tells me something, my mind just wanders off - I really have to concentrate to hear everything - Making certain you have an ADHD person's attention while your talking to him/her you have to ask (nicely) every now and then if they are listening/hearing.
  • Difficulty starting with something that requires allot of attention (can you imagine how difficult blogging is for me, so you must appreciate every article I write ;-))

This list contains only SOME of the daily struggles that someone with ADHD must go through, so if you are struggling to understand your child with some kind of learning disability, I would suggest you look at the list above and think to yourself how difficult it must be to be able to handle life's normal everyday tasks with your mind programmed like this.

Why I said that I am wondering if they are really as serious as we think, is because how many of us had to go through school with these disabilities without getting help. No-one even knew about these learning challenges and we just had to perform in school and get great grades. No-one cared how we got them.

These days, every second child has some kind of learning disability and  they are being treated with all kinds of drugs (like Ritalin) and they are turned into zombies.

Actually the biggest thing about any of these learning challenges is that they must be diagnosed early in a child's life so that they can learn how to cope with these challenges and you can know how to help them learn their work in the way that suits their disability.

Help for children with learning challenges:

If your children start learning at a young age, they are already a step ahead - these learning challenges will not affect them that much.

Agnitus Supports Children with Autism - Click Here to Learn with!

Let's take a look at why Agnitus is so well suited for learning challenges (especially those with autism, ADD or those who struggle with learning in general:

  • Rich, multisensory feedback, instruction and gentle guidance is provided - at the moment a child needs it most
  • Touch-enabled devices are found to be more intuitive and accessible at earlier ages, and are especially helpful for young children on the autistic spectrum, who can often have issues using keyboards and mice (Davis, Dautenhahn, Powell, & Nehaniv, 2010).
  • Parent participation is encouraged, keeping parents and teachers informed of exactly what children are covering, allowing customized game access to meed children's needs.
  • Games are designed to draw children's attention to the most important details related to any learning experiences.
  • Game play feedback progressively reinforce a focus on goals and the play options available for realizing them.
  • Personalized approach to keeping children educationally engaged is critical to overcome attention issues affecting most children with (and without) learning challenges.
  • See Agnitus in action:

While Agnitus is great with over 45 educational games, your child can enjoy it while learning - and please note, Agnitus is not only for children with Autism, ADD and learning challenges, it is for all children aged between 2 - 8.

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Over to you:

Was this article helpful. I certainly hope that it helped you understand what is going on inside the mind of someone with ADHD and most probably other learning challenges.

Do you have any advice for us as parents with children with either autism, ADD, ADHD or other learning challenges? - Feel free to tell us about it in the comment section.

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