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Beauty tips for you

In these beauty tips, you will get the easiest, fastest way of putting on make-up that you can do everyday, you can also go to the other beauty tips articles in this site.

Where I started

Just for info, I did not copy any of the information I am sharing with you from anyone else. I was practically born with a make-up brush in my one hand and a skincare book in the other.

I took out my first skin-care book from the library when I was 12, now what child in their right mind is worried about skincare at the age of 12? Well I loved it. Then already I was starting to learn allot about make-up and skincare and I was very interested in wardrobes and make-up. When I was 14 I joined a modeling school, but sadly I did not go to far, because I was too short, I had to be 1,75m and I am 1,65m. So photo modeling was another option, but I did not go for that, don't really know why. Here at this modeling school I learned allot about make-up, skincare, how to dress, etiquette, hair care and generally everything a woman should know. And I consumed huge amounts of books on how to analyze your skin type, season, skincare, haircare and even cutting hair, although I never went to work as a hairdresser.

Later in my life, I started selling Avroy Shlain, which are great products and there I got more training on skincare, how to analyze oily, dry and combination skins and I loved going out to do facials and give people advice. Also I learned allot from them about make-up basics, how to apply make-up in the best ways and how you can enhance certain things or hide certain things you don't like in your face.

I will also give you practical advice on beauty, which is not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Because everyone is different and has different eye shapes, skin colour, complexions, lips, eye colour, you get the idea, we will be discussing many different ways of putting on make-up as well as categorizing your skin-tone, see my post about your season. I'm sure it would have been boring if all of us looked the same.

Let's go shopping

I love shopping, just like the next gal, feel free to visit the beauty shop any time.

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