Best way to start to make money online

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I wish I knew about this, it really is the best way to start to make money online

make money online

You know me by now, I don't promote anything on my website if I haven't tried it out myself.

I say like allot of the people already inside Wealthy Affiliate are saying, I wish I knew about this 3 years ago. (The years are just different)

Now that I know about it, YOU don't have to struggle for a few years, if you are searching "ways to make money online", "how to make money online" or "where do I start if I want to make money online" - this is your answer.

This is your starting point - no doubt. It will save you years of struggling and hours of research.

If you already started on your making money online venture and just can't seem to crack it, this is your answer too.

Just click on the banner below (or click here) and start your membership - no money, no credit card info - just start learning.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate helps you make money online.

They are there to help and support you along the way, so if you have questions, feel free to ask.

You watch videos every day as you go through the training and start building your website.

They take you from the right starting point upwards, no struggling and no confusion from all the gurus. Follow them from start to finish and you are bound to have success.

They have different levels, so if you've already lost trust in the making money online search term, you can try STARTER and go over to Premium when you're ready - no catch.

Do you want to learn to make money online?

Then there's no time to waste, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and start today!!

Just in case you need the link again, just click on the banner below or click here:

But how do you know you can trust them to make money online?

Sadly, these days there are few people going around that can't be trusted, especially when you start searching for "where do I start if I want to make money online".

Believe me, I've had my fair share, that is the only reason I'm writing about making money online, to prevent as many people as I can to step into the same traps and losing money to scams.

So how do you know wealthy affiliate is not a scam?

The best way to know for sure is to read this post by Louie, Wealthy Affiliate review, scam or not?

He said everything in a way that I think I've never seen before.

If your not sure about Wealthy Affiliate yet, this post by Louie will persuade you. (And I can promise you, he is a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate - that's where I found him and this post)

Want to start your own free siterubix website:

Do you think this will be helpful for everyone searching how to make money online?

Then feel free to share this with your friends, they WILL be thankful.


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About Linda Pretorius

I love to share information I believe everybody can use. I am a wife of 1 and homeschool mother of 2. I share information on diets,beauty, making money online, homeschooling and changing your life. (I love to sing too and I absolutely love God.) Come find me on Google+


  1. I just wanted to say thanks a lot. I have tried for along time to make money online. I have done surveys and it is just a big waste of time. I have ran into nothing but scams and headaches After coming Across this page I found my home. Thanks for showing me the insight to wealthy affiliate. I was done spending money so if it wouldn't have been free I never would have discovered it. Has it been successful for you?

    • Hi, Darren, the things I've learned there in 2 weeks does not even come close to what I've taken years to learn. If I knew about Wealthy Affiliate 3 years ago, I would certainly have been in a different place right now. I love the fact that you do everything one baby step at a time, because making money online by building websites is not the easiest thing to do. And not to mention the support. Nowhere else do you get so much help when you get stuck and when you feel you can't go on - a huge line of support streams in telling you to move forward, you can do this. So definitely yes, up till now, joining WA was the best decision of the year and a successful journey so far.
      Oh yes, the surveys thing - I can also say, been there, done that, what a waste of my precious time.
      Be blessed


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