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to have the best website on the internet, you need a website that loads fast and that will work for you and the best way to accomplish this is through WP Engine

Today for me, was one of THOSE days. I have 404 error pages that I have been struggling to fix for about a month now (so if anyone want to help, you are welcome)

I've been sitting in front of this computer for 8 hours now - seriously - just stopped to quickly make some food and eat a family meal and came back. Up to this point nothing is fixed yet, but I did manage to quickly work in a few posts (not to mention all the tutorials I've been reading these past few weeks trying to fix these)

I realized again how much I love D9 hosting
, because if you have read some of my older posts, you will know that my hosting is with them. At one stage my entire site was blank with just a error message running across the screen and I sent them an e-mail. I was still busy reading another e-mail when they already replied and within the next ten minutes my site was up and running again. This just showed me once again, some hosting accounts are a bit more expensive, but maybe there is a reason for that. (But I do think that HostGator is also Great)

Now, why am I telling you this?

Generally if I look at my site's admin, plugins and all the stuff that goes with the site, I think my WordPress is a mess.

(I am just glad they said I cannot break WordPress, otherwise it would have been broken a long time ago. But I must mention that I sometimes thought that I might not be able to break WordPress, but WordPress might be able to break me)

So the solution would have been, had I known this before getting my hosting - WP Engine.

They help you with the setup of your site and then best of all, if you need help with your site - you can just ask. These professionals are there to help you with their expert WordPress support.

And not to mention this huge special:


Have you considered getting hosting, but you don't have the 3 or 6 months' (or more) funds in advance that must be paid to start plus adding the sighn-up fee, no problem with wp engine, because you can take a

Month to month contracts and no sign-up fees! Enjoy flexibility with WPEngine.

And see, they promise you that your site will load 4 x faster than you, just click on this link to see how you can Speed up WordPress with our baked in CDN, super fast servers and amazing up-time.

Like they say, "quit worrying and let us run WordPress for you" -  go ahead, see all their awesome support!!

You can try it out RISK FREE FOR A WHOLE 60 DAYS (Just goes to show you how confident they are to give you 60 days to test and see if you are happy)

The bottom line is if you want to have the best website on the internet you must check out WP Engine, it will be worth your while.


adding to have the best website on the internet is your logo

Have you considered getting someone to design your logo for you, but saw how expensive they are and decided to do it yourself?

Search no more, you can have CUSTOM WORDPRESS & WEBSITE HEADERS designed by LogoNerds for just $17- I know this is ridiculously low, but true.

To have your WordPress logo designed for you Crazy Custom WordPress Headers - Click Here


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