Blow drying curly hair with diffuser

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Blow drying curly hair with diffuser does not have to be tricky

When you know how to prepare your hair and how to use your diffuser, blow drying curly hair with a diffuser becomes easy and natural.

First step to blow drying curly hair with diffuser

Mouse or curl booster

The first step you have to do is put on lots of mouse while your hair is still wet.

If you buy mouse for curly hair, it will be good, because it will enhance the curl in your hair, but if you use any other mouse, it will still be fine.

If you don't like the sticky feel of mouse in your hair, you can leave in your conditioner - although not the preferred method, it also helps to keep your hair from flying away.

The product I prefer the most to use is VO5 Curl Booster. It is a spray which is almost like hairspray.

You can use root lifter

What is root lifter? It is also a spray. I use the root lifter from Kair.

If you put on a root lifter before you start blowing your hair, it will also help your hair to have a bit of a lift.

It is not essential to use root lifter, but you will be amazed at the volume you achieve if you do.

Go upside down

While putting on mouse or curl booster, it is best if you hold your head upside down and shake your hair while you spray or rub in the mouse. This ensures that you cover more hair than you would if you held your head upwards.

Also when you are finished putting on mouse or curl booster, you can shake your hair "loose" and rub your hair at the roots to ensure that it is loosened. (Not as tight to your head as it is when you combed it out)

This article at Wikihow is also very helpful.

Wait before you start

If you are pushed for time, you can start blow dry, but it will be good if you can wait 10-20 minutes before you start.

Second step to blow drying curly hair with diffuser

Using the diffuser on your hair dryer

Please make sure when you use the diffuser on your hair dryer that you look at the instructions that came with your hair dryer.

Most of the time your heat setting for your dryer must be on medium - otherwise you will burn out your hair dryer.

Start blow drying

Hold your head upside down.

Let your hair drop into the diffuser.

Hold the diffuser in this same position for a while to lock in the curls.

If you are not too close to the roots yet, you can hold the diffuser in this position until your hair is dry at the tips.

As you move closer to the roots it will be more difficult to hold the diffuser in this position, because it is HOT.

At the roots

Place the diffuser at the roots - facing the roots and move in a circular motion while drying. (You can put it against your head and massage the roots)

What to look out for when blow drying hair with diffuser

If your hair is very long and it will pass the hair dryer - you must look out for the air vent of the hair dryer.

If it catches your hair it burns it. (I know this by experience - luckily my hair is layered and no one can notice)

Do the finishing touches and you are done

If you want to add some hairspray, you can spray it on now, but it is not essential.

If you do put on some hairspray, use your hairdryer with the diffuser on and blow like you would normally blow your hair by holding the dryer away (not close to your head) - this method ensures that your hairstyle stays in place, because if you would blow with the "full volume" of the hair dryer, your hair blows all over the place.

Which diffuser to buy?

If you haven't bought a diffuser yet, here are some tips on which diffuser you should buy:

The deeper the diffuser, the better it works.

If you buy your hairdryer and diffuser in a set, you know that they will work well together.

Visit the Beauty shop to see if you can find something there.

Extra help blow drying curly hair with diffuser

Sometimes we need visual help, so here's a video for you to help you if you are struggling to blow drying curly hair with diffuser:

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