Building your singing career, here’s how

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 You can kick off your singing career right now when you know where to start building your singing career:

When you love to sing, building your singing career is your biggest dream

You love to sing and you know you can. Your heart burns to start selling CD’s, tour the world and have concerts, meet your fans and give autographs.

building your singing career

One of Pres. Nelson Mandela's famous quotes


The question is why aren’t you doing it?

Your answer:

- I don’t know how to start building my singing career  (or)

- I don’t know where to start building my singing career.

Read on and you can start living your dream and sing your heart out.

 Only a few years back,

you had to go sing in as many places as you can find and wish that someone – who is SOMEONE – will see you and give you a music contract.

You were considered lucky when you were born into a family who already set the stage for you and that was mostly the only way you could start your own music career.


I have great news for you:

Those days are over.

Your answer to building your singing career and making a success is TuneCore.

What is TuneCore?

  •    TuneCore is a Music Distribution company that puts your music in over 80+ of the most popular digital stores around the world, eg. iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify only to name a few
  •     They are a preferred iTunes Music Aggregator so they make selling your music on iTunes straightforward and easy.
  •     They supply great tips you can follow when you are on the road, getting ready to take the stage, how to stay organized while on tour, etc……
  •    This is where you start your independent music career and you get a boost and help from TuneCore.

How does TuneCore work?

You do the writing and recording of your songs and ...

  •  They help you distribute your music worldwide for only $9.99 per single and $29.99 per album for the first year.
  • You keep 100% of your music sales revenue and 100% of your music rights while you sell your music worldwide on the popular 80+ music stores.
  • You receive daily sales trend reports
  • monthly music sales reports
  • and even custom cover art if you need it.
  • You make the music while they help you make money.


Adventure Club interview

 Who is Adventure Club?

  •  Christian Srigley and Leighton James are the independent artists of this Montreal-based electronic dance music duo, Adventure Club.
  • They were between the over 80 TuneCore Artists who took the stage at NXNE in Toronto.
  • I suggest you read the interview with Adventure Club where you can find useful tips from people like you, their life is music and singing.

Are you ready?

  • Work hard, your main goal being to build your brand and your band.
  • Like any other business, starting a singing career is a business.
  • Having a business takes hard work and commitment.
  • But, work is not work if you love what you do, right 😉
  • Start writing your songs, record them and sell through TuneCore.

Very important tip

 Don’t let people get you down. There are so many different types of artists with so many different types of music styles because not everybody likes the same type of music.

If by any chance, someone criticizes you negatively, don’t let it get to you – they do it to the most famous musicians too.

Continue living your dream, continue making YOUR type of music and enjoy the fans that follow you.

Over to you:

If you are already successful and you started selling your music through TuneCore, you are welcome to share with us your experience, as a matter of fact, please do, we would love to hear from you.

If you have any fears or questions, feel free to leave a comment and we can all work together to help you in building your singing career.

The best of luck to you and may you be blessed in abundance and remember:

Winners are dreamers who never give up!! (Nelson Mandella)



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