Butterfly art project

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We had another fun art project: butterfly art

What you will need for this butterfly art project:

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  • crayons (we used the big fat ones)
  • (preferably) an old potato peeler
  • bowl to put the pieces of crayons in
  • blank pages to draw the butterfly
  • pencil and eraser to draw the butterfly with
  • scissors to cut out the butterfly
  • blank pages to cover the butterfly
  • Iron (used only under adult supervision)
  • Ironing board (which we protected with an old towel)
  • highlighters, permanent markers, or whatever you choose to decorate the butterfly with when it is finished

Step 1 for creating butterfly art:

First of all, we have to get ready to create our beautiful butterfly.

We took the paper wrapping off of the crayons and we used an old potato peeler to scratch the crayons so that we could have little pieces of crayon.

You don't necessarily have to use this method, if you use the small crayons, you can use a pencil sharpener to get the smaller pieces of crayon.

Mix all the colors in one bowl.

Note: if your bowl is not big, there will be some pieces of crayon around the bowl on the table, but because it is dry, you can just wipe them off easily.

Step 2 for creating butterfly art:

Draw a butterfly and cut it out, but only along the outside lines.

If it has fine "twirls" like the ones on the picture, they must be cut around  them entirely, otherwise they will break off.

Fold the picture in half, to ensure that it is the same on both sides.

Step 3 for creating butterfly art:

Put the butterfly on a blank page, for this we used old pages that things were printed on that we are not going to use anymore. Just to save paper.

Step 4 for creating butterfly art:

Now they can put the crayons on, but just on the one side of the butterfly.

Step 5 for creating butterfly art:

Fold the "clean" side of the butterfly that does not have crayons on, on top of the other one and move the butterfly to the center of the blank page.

Step 6 for creating butterfly art:

Put another blank page on top, again we used an old paper that had some things printed on them that we are not using anymore.

Remember that the paper you use on top and at the bottom, you will not be able to use again.

Step 7 and 8 for creating butterfly art:

We put an old towel below, just to protect the surface of the ironing board, wouldn't want oily marks on the clothes we are going to iron after we had this much fun.

Put the paper with the butterfly in between on top of the old towel and glide the warm iron over it slowly.

You will see on the page at the top that the crayons are melting.

Step 9 for creating butterfly art:

Open the butterfly.

I did this for the kids, because the crayon is hot and the butterfly must be opened while it is still hot, otherwise it will not work properly.

Step 10 and 11 for creating butterfly art:

IMPORTANT: Wait a bit for the butterfly to cool down so that it can be handled by the kids.

This does not take long, so they don't have to wait too long, they can grab a cold drink so long.

There is a difference in the two butterflies in the pictures in step 10 and 11, because they are the two different butterflies of the two kids.

Can you see the differences?

Step 12 and 13 for creating butterfly art:

Here is the most fun part, finishing the butterfly. This is where they can choose whatever way they want to finish off their butterfly.

One of my kids chose to go around the edges of the butterfly with a black permanent marker and the other chose to leave the body empty when he put on the crayons and colored the body in with highlighters.

What the kids said:

When we started, they did not know what to expect, but in the end they had so much fun. The most amazing part was when the crayons started to melt and when they opened them to see how the colors mixed.

They want to try this out in allot of other ways, like doing the melting of the crayons first and then cutting out the picture, think this will work?

Have you tried this yet?

This art project was allot of fun, but I would suggest that the kids do it with adult supervision, because of the working with the iron. My kids really enjoyed this and you can make so many butterflies and they will never look the same.

After you are finished with your butterfly art you can iron over the old towel that you put on top to protect your ironing board. This will remove all the oiliness from the iron. When it has cooled down, you just wipe it with a wet cloth to make sure that it is clean. (OR you can have an iron just for art)

This fun butterfly art project was shared with you by Linda Pretorius on all-about-life-tips.com, if you enjoyed it, share it with your friends, then we can all have fun.


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