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October is Cancer Awareness Month

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cancer awareness month

How cancer affects our lives

In light of October being cancer awareness month, let's reflect on how cancer has touched our lives.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease control and prevention) in their report about leading causes of death cancer is the number 2 killer in the world.

If you look at the report, you will see that the differences in death's caused by heart disease and cancer are not far apart (a little more than 26000).

At number 3 (Chronic lower respiratory diseases) there is almost a difference of 436000, meaning allot less people die from the diseases mentioned below heart disease and cancer.

Different kinds of cancer

There are so many different kinds of cancer, if I leave one out, sorry.

The links below will take you to info on the specific type of cancer (causes, symptoms and treatments):

Cancer fighting foods

Taking care of what you eat can be just as important as not smoking and exercising.

You can take a look at these cancer fighting foods and make sure that you try to consume more of them.

What does this mean?

First of all, chances are that you know someone who either has cancer, died of cancer or survived cancer.

I personally know 6 people who has been diagnosed with cancer:

1 - died

4 - survived

1 - only diagnosed recently

Looking at the above, I would say more people survive cancer, but I might be wrong.

I must admit, when I look at these statistics about cancer survival in the UK, I think I might be right.

cancer awareness

How does this affect you?

In result of our recently diagnosed family member, I want to urgently ask you if at any moment you think there might be something wrong, rather go see a doctor. You can find out more about the symptoms of cancer here.

The best practice is actually to go for regular checkups so that cancer can be diagnosed before it grows.

You know your body and you will know if something doesn't feel right.

When a family member of ours was recently diagnosed with cancer, I realized once again this is so important:

What happened with this family member is that she started bleeding. After almost a year, the doctor decided that she must go to a gynecologist and she waited 2 months to get an appointment.

When the gynecologist saw her, he said she must go through the tunnel, but can tell her he thinks its cancer.

Well, he was right. The sad thing is that this cancer has grown so big that it damaged one of her kidney's and they can't cut it out, because of the size and location. They are going to have to give chemo and irradiation in the hope that its going to shrink down. But the 'good news' is that it is not growing any more. Did you know they have ages? This cancer is already 3 years old.... which means she should have been to a doctor 3 years ago. It would have been allot smaller and easier and faster to get rid of.

Lesson to you:  Go for regular checkups.

Cancer awareness sale:

Show you care, get your cancer awareness products at:

Perfect Memorials, the leading online retailer of premium quality memorial products is having an Awareness Sale for the entire month of October.

Items on sale include:

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  • urns,
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Let's make this Cancer awareness month change lives.

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