Leading a healthy lifestyle [infographic]

We all know the rules for leading a healthy lifestyle, but do we do it? Pictures are remembered far easier than lines of words, Save it to Pinterest, save it on your computer, regularly look at this infographic to help you in leading a healthy lifestyle. What a tough start We started off our new […]

How to loose weight without suffering

How much do you actually know about food, diets or how to loose weight without suffering? Are you struggling to loose weight? Is your overweight problem a huge health risk? There are so many diets and diet advice on the market these days, how do you know who to follow and who not? Read on […]

Diet plans for weight loss

Why you should care about diet plans and weight loss?   There is a saying in English which goes “Health is Wealth”. This saying got its roots through years of expertise. A healthy man can boast off to be a wealthy man boldly because nothing can beat health in any time frame. Good health is an outcome of […]

Sculpt muscles and achieve a stunning physique

How to Sculpt Muscles and Achieve a Stunning Physique Are you exercising regularly? Do you get tired of it or are you still enjoying your exercise regime? Get your free ebook body building naturally. (For more information go to the bottom of this page under Did you get your free ebook?) Exercising should be a […]

OAXIS Launches Smart Wellness Line on Pozible

  This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own. OAXIS, an award-winning consumer technology company, has launched its OAXIS Wellness Line. Read the press release here. OAXIS’ body analyzer, Bluetooth water bottle, and fitness bands can be ordered now on Pozible, a crowdfunding website now and will be available for […]

The role of fruit and vegetables in muscle growth

What is the role of Fruits and Vegetables in Muscle Growth? Normally when doing bodybuilding, the most obvious food type to take allot of is protein, but let’s take a look at the role fruits and vegetables plays in muscle growth. photo credit: April 12, 2013 at 09:38AM via photopin (license) The normal approach to […]

Master cleanse depression away

Lighten Your Mood, master cleanse depression away Depression is the most common illness Believe it or not, one of the most common illnesses that people deal with on a regular basis is depression. Not only is it something that people deal with regularly, it is also something that is commonly misunderstood. Depression is an illness […]

Don’t skip water while at the gym

Don’t Skip the Bottle of water while at the Gym I go to the gym on a regular basis and there is an alarming trend that I am noticing among many of the individuals that are going to the gym. photo credit: rocky gym via photopin (license)   What is this alarming trend? It is […]

On your way past depression

Diet changes to help on your way past depression Regular depression? Are you somebody that deals with depression on a regular basis? You might be surprised to learn that you are not alone in your feeling this way. As a matter of fact, depression is one of the most common illnesses that people experience. Unfortunately, […]

Simple exercises at home for muscle growth

Simple Exercises at Home for Muscle Growth Please note, that none of this should be taken as medical advice and you should always seek proper medical care and advice. No responsibility will be held for anyone reading this information. Did you know that you can work on muscle growth at home? If you are only […]


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