Small projects lab short story

Just want to tell you about the: Launch of my short story as part of the small product lab assignment Not a Sci-Fi fan? Scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see some awesome products, I’m sure you’ll find one there that fits your interest. Some of them at great prices as launch specials – act […]

How to create your own professional eCovers

Creating professional eCovers is what sells your books I’m so excited to share this with you today. If you are writing eBooks, Amazon books or selling DVD sets, you most probably tried hiring designers to create your eCovers for you. Doing this, you realize it comes with some headaches and high costs, that’s why you […]

Why you need a social media calendar

Want to grow your online business? That’s why you need a social media calendar Infographic on why you need a social media calendar and how to create one: Thank you Neil Patel for this wonderful infographic, which says it all: Courtesy of: Quick Sprout Over to you Are you using a social media calendar? After […]

Are you having trouble writing your blog posts?

Going from having trouble writing your blog posts onward to where to sell your books, music or films all in one post Want to know where you can sell your books, music, films or hand made crafts? Scroll down and start reading at “But, read on: this is even more important” I love writing, but man […]

Most important factors to be successful online

What are the 10 Most important factors to be successful online? Reading through this post will take time – its a long post – but I suggest you do. Just think how long it took me to write it, reading is allot faster than writing and editing – but when you do read through it, you […]

10 simple steps to increase website security

Using these 10 simple steps to increase website security can save you time and money Do you have a Website on content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc? Are you concerned about your website’s security? Well, you should be. This post should not be just scanned, it should be read through, implemented and shared! […]

Struggling with blogging?Important questions to ask yourself!

Are you struggling with blogging? Don’t forget to tell us what you are struggling with by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page or just share how this article helped you. See under question 10 what happens when you leave a comment. If there is one thing that is found everywhere, it’s bloggers […]

Taking your offline business online best steps to follow

Moving on with taking your offline business online This article is for those who has an offline business, for example a take away shop, hair saloon, building contractor, singing studio, printing shop, plumbing business, etc….. there are so many kinds of businesses, but you know which one you have. Your business is physically located somewhere […]

11 essential ingredients every blog post needs

Follow this highly effective, fool proof infographic with 11 essential ingredients every blog post needs You’ve written your blog post and you feel it is great, but do you have the essential ingredients every blog post needs? You chose your writing style you wrote your first draft allowed it to simmer a while (an hour […]

Want to grow your online presence significantly?

Just mentioning I am not an affiliate with them – just think they’re awesome!! What would you do if I told you there is one app that can grow your online presence significantly AND you will know everything that is going on on your site? Want to know more, read on….. There is one thing you […]


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