[time sensitive] How to make $500 CPA every day

How to make $500 CPA every day is a course that you can, if you hurry – get for FREE. If you don’t make it to get it FREE, I’m very sorry, I tried my best to get it out as soon as possible and to as many people as possible. (Don’t forget to share […]

How to get more Facebook Stickers

Want to learn how to get more Facebook Stickers? It’s free, why not use it. Talking to a friend on Facebook Messaging today, I realized once again. Sometimes we know something and take for granted that other people might not know it. She asked me to write this post for those who don’t know how […]

How to customize, personalize and build your brand

Whether you have a website, a company, a sports team or even a church organization, this post on how to customize, personalize and build your brand is for you.   I’m sure you recognize that chimp: Over the holidays, I received these cute socks from MailChimp (my email service provider). Surely, you will agree with […]

Perfect memorials holiday gift guide

Use this holiday gift guide for the people who are not with you through this festive season. They are the ones you think about most of the time. How would you like to include them in your Holiday festivities? Perfect Memorials Holiday Gift Guide Disclosure: This post was provided by eAccountable and contains affiliate links […]

Frozen karaoke songs

Where to find Frozen karaoke songs I love to sing and Frozen is one of my favorite movies. I can watch it over and over and over again. I know it is the same with you and your kids. Come-on, admit it, you say you’ll watch it with them just because you love it too […]

Christmas card guide

I can’t believe it, time flies by toooo fast Can you believe that its almost CHRISTmas again? Have you started looking for gifts? Do you have CHRISTmas cards for your family, friends, co-workers or business associates? When you have personalized CHRISTmas cards, it has so much more of your personality. Have you ever gone through […]

Small projects lab short story

Just want to tell you about the: Launch of my short story as part of the small product lab assignment Not a Sci-Fi fan? Scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see some awesome products, I’m sure you’ll find one there that fits your interest. Some of them at great prices as launch specials – act […]

My heart is broken, our dog died, here’s why

Normally my posts are happy and cheerful, not his one I am depressed today, but not the kind of depression that can be cured or by changing your life and habbits, the kind of depression that only comes when you loose a great friend. Only recently I wrote an article about memorial products, who knew I would […]

Why you need a social media calendar

Want to grow your online business? That’s why you need a social media calendar Infographic on why you need a social media calendar and how to create one: Thank you Neil Patel for this wonderful infographic, which says it all: Courtesy of: Quick Sprout Over to you Are you using a social media calendar? After […]

Give to charity while you shop

Shopping is fun, giving back is more fun That is why I’m sure you would also love to give to charity while you shop. Remember to share by clicking one of the buttons on your left. In a hurry? Scroll down to choose your charity, click on the banner and go shopping! Everyone of us […]


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