Changing my theme – a WOW experience

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I changed my theme, as some of my regular readers would have noticed, and WOW, AMAZING - that is what describes this experience

I have been pondering over the idea for a while:


StudioPress Theme of the Month
For a while, I was thinking of going for Genesis, I daily visited the site and paged around to find out more, but there was one concern I had and for me (and I believe it will be for you too): what if I lost everything I have worked on soooo hard this past year?

I looked around everywhere to find out what will happen to my things and could not find the answer, otherwise I think, I would have changed allot earlier. In the end, I e-mailed Lisa Irby (if you look at the links on your right hand side, you'll see a link to her site there) and asked her what is going to happen.

She replied that she has great news for me, I will not loose anything.

So, as you guessed by now, I went over to Genesis and I bought the Prose theme.

And what a WOW, amazing experience. It is like trading in your old 1972 Volkswagen Beetle for a 2014 Mercedes Benz, BMW or Porche (whichever you think would drive the best.)

"It does not surprise me that if you go to Studiopress they also refer to Genesis and the themes as cars and how you drive"

Don't get me wrong, I love the free themes on WordPress, but Genesis just makes it sooo much easier.

How does Genesis and the themes work?

Genesis is the framework on which the themes run, but this still happens inside your original WordPress Dashboard.

You must have Genesis to add a theme (Child theme)

But... if you don't have money for the theme right now, you can get Genesis so long and use it on it's own and then buy your theme of your choice as soon as you can.

When you bought Genesis and/or your Theme, they take you by the hand and lead you every single step of the way. You get the Genesis for beginner PDF (handbook) and from there you can work on your theme and change it up the way you like. You also get your account inside Studiopress where for every question there is an answer.

Never looking back:

I have been struggling with some of the technical issues on my site for a very long time (but still did not let it keep me from posting) which has kept me in front of my computer for an entire day, sometimes until anything between two and five in the mornings.

Now, I have someone leading me every step of the way, and if I struggle, I just send them a message and they answer almost immediately. (PS: I only did this once, because I don't want to be too much of a bother)

By the way, my question was (just in case you also wonder when you bought your Genesis):

I have allot of plugins and there are specific plugins for Genesis, must I delete my plugins and make use of only the Genesis plugins?

The answer: No, I can still use all of my favorite plugins and add the awesome Genesis ones I wish to.


Most popular themes on Genesis right now:

Because there are sooo many awesome themes to choose from, I have created for you a list of the most popular themes from one to ten and then at the bottom is the theme that is one of my favorites (just in case you missed it in the list), if I knew about it, I would probably have bought that one (the modern blogger theme):
1. Epik Theme

2. Executive Theme
3. News Theme
4. Lifestyle Theme
5. Magazine Theme
6. Modern Blogger Theme
7. Agency Theme
8. Beautiful Pro Theme
9. Metro Theme
StudioPress Theme of the Month - Streamline Pro Theme

One I like allot and will consider buying when I have the money to do so, check it out, it is COOL:
Modern Blogger Theme

 What are your limitations?

For one, you must have a self hosted WordPress account, which you choose the domain name for. Here are the top hosting accounts around (according to me)

I personally am at D9 hosting and have not had any problems with them up to date.

For hosting accounts you can use:

D9 Hosting Unlimited Domain Web Hosting

Hosted by WP Engine

 It takes money to make money, so what better reason to spend your money on the BEST framework and Themes you can find.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes
Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress.

I am still working on my site day by day to make it more user friendly and adding some of the awesome features found in Genesis, so if you stop by regularly, you can look to see if you can find out what I've changed recently.

Over to you:

1. Have you been considering going over to Genesis, but was afraid to?

2. Did this article help you in any way?

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