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Did you know there is a way for creating your own WordPress header FREE

Sometimes people promise you free things and then when you look at it, you realize that it was only the video that you were watching that was free. I hate it when people do that, because if I say something can be done FREE then it must be FREE, don't you agree?

This is NOT one of those cases, I'll really share how creating your own WordPress header FREE is easy and allot of fun.

Also more awesome things you can do - and they won't cost you anything.

Starting your own WordPress site

You might have started your WordPress site and you don't have the $17 to spend on a header made personally for you by Logo Nerds (like mine above). For Affordable Crazy Custom WordPress Headers - visit Logo Nerds

Your alternative for creating your own WordPress header FREE would be to use PicMonkey.

Although there is a free version and a paid version, you can use the free version for as long as you like - there is no trial period or limited uses.

It is only if you want to upgrade to the paid version that you pay $4.99 per month (which is actually also almost free.) The paid version is if you want to be able to do allot more - like take out wrinkles for instance.

What I love most about PicMonkey is how funny they are.

How to create your own WordPress header free:

My previous header was one that I created with PicMonkey, it looked like this:

creating your own wordpress header free pic 1

In the open space on the left side, I had in, which I set in my theme's settings. This will depend on the theme you are using ( mine is the Prose theme from but you can also add your site's name by using PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing.

It is very easy to use and your possibilities are only limited by your own creative ideas.

  • have your pictures ready and uploaded to your computer that you wish to use (naming them and putting them in a separate file so that you can find them easily.)
  • click on collage in the top next to PicMonkey (where you get edit, touch up, design, collage) If you don't see them there, you are on another page and all you have to do is click on the cute monkey.
  • as soon as you clicked on collage, the files to your computer will open. Choose the files with the pictures you would like to use.
  • you will see a block with "open photos" and your photo that you already uploaded.
  • click on "open photos" and then the add from my computer tab to add more photos.
  • Next to your photos on the left side, you will see pictures. If you hover your mouse over them, the first one will say pictures and the second on layouts. (and then swatches and background)
  • You want to choose the layouts that you wish to use. Keep in mind that if it is for your header, the "ducks in a row" will work better, because your header has to be long.
  • You can make the corners round if you wish by clicking on the "background" picture on the far left below where you found the "ducks in a row" (looks like a paintbrush and paint holder)
  • you can change the spacing there as well as the background colour.
  • How did I get the open space there? I clicked and dragged one of the pictures to a new space and clicked on the x to close the picture. The open space stayed behind, but you must only do it once, the next click on the x will take away your open space.
  • click on "save" and save your creation onto your computer where you will find it again to upload to your WordPress site - again this will depend on the theme you use on how to do this.
  • if you change the name, remember to put: your new name.jpg

How to add your site name

  • go into PicMonkey again and click on edit a photo
  • click on "open" and upload the collage you saved
  • on your left you will find allot of awesome tools that you can use to make your header amazing.
  • the ones with the crown are for the paid version
  • you can add the name by clicking on the "Tt" and choose your font
  • click on the "add text tab" and add what you wish and move it to where you want it to be - it might be small, but look for your text block in the middle of your header (you can change the colour as well)
  • double click on the block to add your text
  • play around and have fun!!!

Note: if you wish, you can first edit each picture you want to put into your collage first and then add them to the collage.

I changed the above header for you, just to give you an idea of the endless things you can try.

creating your own wordpress header free version 2

Although a bit overdone, you can see with this method of creating your own WordPress header FREE  your possibilities are endless, you can add more than there is room for.

Other fun things to do

You can make the most amazing pictures and upload them to Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. The possibilities are endless.

  • to do this, edit your pictures in PicMonkey as above.
  • save to your computer. Remember if you change the name to add .jpg at the end.
  • upload from your computer to where you want to share.

If you don't have a website, you can have fun and create your own fun stuff to share.

If you do have a website, remember to put your website address in on your pictures, like I did at the bottom of this picture:

creating your own wordpress header fun version

Just for the fun of it

All the pictures I added in this creating your own WordPress header FREE article was really free. All the extras I used are found in the FREE version.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself:PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Over to you

Did you have any trouble creating your own WordPress header FREE?

If you need help, feel free to leave a comment.

If you have any other comments or awesome PicMonkey projects or ideas to share, they are always welcome here.

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