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Diet tips that will change your life!!

If there is one word I'm so tired of it is "diet". The word diet describes awful food that you would NOT want to eat for the rest of your life, hard work to make special recipes and hopping from one diet to the next until you don't want to diet anymore.
Do you feel this way?

If you are tired of the word diet and all the things associated with it, feel free to take a look at the greatest diet tip. Normally people will charge you for this information but I've bought and read so many diet books up to date that even I am tired of the word diet.

What lead me to this "diet" was the following story:

I work with the public on a regular basis and one day one of our clients asked me if I was pregnant. You can imagine my shock when this happened, because, believe me, I wasn't pregnant. She knew me when I was thinner and didn't see me allot, so naturally when se saw my stomach, she thought the only explanation could be that I was pregnant. She actually felt very bad when I told her that I am not pregnant, just fat.

So, I realized I must do something. I was a diet-fanatic since I can remember, but I did not follow any of the huge amounts of diet books I have, because some of them are hard work,  some of them did not work and some of them were just to complicated.

I just followed the greatest diet tip that I'm sharing with you in the link above.

I tested it on myself first and then all of the sudden people started telling me it looks like I have lost allot of weight.  Try it for yourself, you will see it is so super easy and you don't even have to buy other foods than you normally do.

Please remember to look at the portion sizes as well, and feel free to ask me any questions. I promise you I will answer them to the best of my ability. Seeing that I have studied and tested most of the diets known, I believe I can help you.

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And remember the most important is not to loose allot of weight in record time, those ones come back and bring allot of friends with, so you are bigger than when you started off.  Be patient and don't weigh yourself every day.

Just for information, I would like to mention that if this diet shows up anywhere else, I did not copy it from anyone. I started with it, like I mentioned above when I realized that I had to loose weight and I'm tired of the word DIET.

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Good luck with loosing weight, and if this GREATEST DIET TIP meant anything to you,please share it! Everyone can benefit from it.

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