Do you have what it takes to blog?

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Do you have what it takes to make money online through blogging?

If there is one important question you should ask yourself if you are looking for ways to make money online it is if you have what it takes to blog

do you have what it takes to blog?

I would NOT want to be the person to tell you to start a website or blog if it is not going to work for you, that is why I want to share with you as much information as I can so that you can make an informed decision before you take out any money for your domain name or hosting (CLICK HERE IF YOU WISH TO SIGN UP FOR BLUEHOST.COM.)

Before you even start you must be able to answer the most important question that is "do you have what it takes to blog?"

After you read through this article and you decide that you do have what it takes to blog, then you can start with confidence.

If you don't like to work hard, this is not the place to be - Bill Gates

When you are searching for ways to make money online, you will find allot of pages popping up.

Some of them will be on making money by selling on EBay, others will be making money through doing surveys , but what I hate the most is the sites that sell first time "how to make money online" searchers some kind of magical make money in a flash program (between you and me - sadly - there is no such thing.)

Blogging is hard work.

At the bottom of this post you will find some awesome people you can trust and follow online to guide you with great advice. When you follow them and read their articles, you have more information to help you make sure you can answer the question do you have what it takes to blog with utmost certainty.

An interesting way to find out if  you have what it takes to blog is to sign up at InfoBarrel

Some advantages and recommendations for signing up at InfoBarrel:

  • you get a chance to try your hand at article writing without having to pay for a domain name or hosting.
  • it costs you NOTHING to start.
  • No technical difficulties of running a website.
  • start a passive income.
  • you have a chance to see if you can write enough articles to make money.
  • you get paid when people click on the adds in your articles.(Infobarrel adds the advertisements according to your article)
  • you don't have to have a Google adsense account, it works through Infobarrel's adsense.
  • you must have a Paypal account for them to pay you.
  • if you have an Amazon account it will be an advantage.
  • REMEMBER: read the Terms and Conditions and stick by them; ORIGINAL ARTICLES ONLY, no duplicates.
  • There are already articles that guides you on how to write great articles.
  • Even if you already have a blog or website and would like to make a some more money you can also join.

If you need some help in writing, a writer to follow is Christian Mihai.

Sometimes he will share random thoughts and sometimes he writes from the heart and when he does that, you feel it, you experience his feelings with him and he draws you in.

How to create a blog

Another thing that you find are allot of books that guides you step by step on how to make money through blogging (or rather setting up your site), you can read more on start a website or blog where I wrote about the book that helped me.

If it was not for this book, you would not be reading this.

But, let's get back to our original question, let's see: do you have what it takes to blog?

To have a blog you must be an Entrepreneur, let's look at those qualities:

If you are thinking of starting your own home-based making money online internet business, you must have some qualities of an entrepreneur. You can download this PDF, answer the questions and find out are you an entrepreneur?(download here) If you can answer "YES" to most of the questions, chances are you have what it takes to blog.

Although there is not a perfect combination, the most successful online entrepreneurs share similar characteristics, so let's take a look at 10 of these characteristics that will help answer the question do you have what it takes to blog:

  1. Healthy and energetic
  2. Self aware
  3. Knowledgeable
  4. Goal-orientated and ambitious
  5. Excellent planners
  6. Highly focused and self-motivated
  7. Independent and Self-Confident
  8. Realistic and positive
  9. Willing to take moderate risks
  10. Perseverance

Let's break these down:

1. Healthy and energetic:

Working on a blog, takes an enormous amount of time and energy.

Some programs might tell you that you only need to work two or three hours a week, that is not true, especially in the beginning. You have to post allot of articles to setup your blog so that it is worth sharing. I don't know if it is just because I'm slow, a perfectionist or if it is the norm, but it takes me at least 4 to 6 hours to write one article. Then I don't post it yet..... I edit..... check...... edit and check again..... until I think it is perfect (according to me :-))

When you start building a blog, there is a huge learning curve and for you to understand everything - you need to learn ALLOT, READ ALLOT and find time to blog or write articles. Besides this, you have to read your e-mails, stay active on social media and live your life outside of your blog.

Working these long hours is easier when you are healthy and fit. That is why it is no surprise that most online entrepreneurs pursue healthy sporty active lives, they exercise in their spare time rather than spending time in front of the television.

2. Self-Aware

Successful entrepreneurs know who they are, what they are good at and what they like to do.

The businesses they choose are based on their fields of expertise or in areas that they enjoy. You will find so many online entrepreneurs giving advice on building your blog and the number one piece of advice that shows up everywhere is you should choose to build your business in your line of interest.

The primary purpose of this is because you have to really love what you do, otherwise it will become hard work and you will not be able to keep at it.

3. Knowledgeable

Knowledge is power.

If you want to succeed in a particular business you must know all aspects of that business, including your competition (who are actually your friends) and trends of growth or decline.

Smart entrepreneurs get smarter by regularly investing time and money in advanced education, like the programs of Problogger.

4. Goal-Oriented and Ambitious:

Entrepreneurs love to set highly specific, challenging goals for themselves and then take action to achieve them.

They feel at loose ends when they don't have a project to work on. Maybe you know this feeling, typically - don't know what to do with yourself and don't feel like you belong.

5. Excellent planners

Entrepreneurs create and follow plans to reach their goals. They know that "failing to plan is planning to fail."

One of the most important things you must do is to keep a calender or diary with your "to do list", which you must review at the start of the day, regularly throughout the day as well as planning ahead for the next day.

If you look at the panel on your right, you will see there "homeschool blogs I love" - most of them have excellent planners for you to use.

6.  Highly focused and Self-Motivated

A real true entrepreneur is someone who starts working on his own and continues until he/she is satisfied with the results. No one ever needs to tell them what the task is, or that they need to get going on the job.

7. Independent and self-confident

True entrepreneurs feel discontent when they have to work in large organizations, especially where their authority and control over production is minimal.

They generally believe that they can achieve a better result if they are personally in control of the production process.

Typically the type of people who would say: "If you want something done - it is better to do it yourself."

8. Realistic and positive

Entrepreneurs acknowledge and accept that life isn't perfect. They have the attitude that when life give them lemons, they make lemonade.

Setbacks and failures rather let them feel challenged than discouraged.

9. Willing to take moderate risks

There is a misconception that entrepreneurs have a tendency to engage in risky behavior, but this is not true, the following is rather a description of a born entrepreneur:

Successful entrepreneurs carefully evaluate risk in terms of the potential rewards and the realistic odds of realizing those rewards.

10. Perseverance

Building your online presence is not an overnight thing and it is not something that magically rises with millions of people reading your blog daily, that is why true entrepreneurs will have success because of perseverance. Small business success is 90% due to perseverance.

Desire and determination fuels an entrepreneur's ability to tough out the early days when large investments of time, money and energy bring minimal return. (In other words - in the beginning you work your ass off and get absolutely no money to reward you)

Perseverance is the characteristic that ensures survival during bad times and keeps entrepreneurs focused on the road to success.

When you look at the following entrepreneurs, you will see these qualities clearly:

Some people just want to make money off of you and they don't care if you used your last money wasting it on their product, but don't let this make you suspicious of everybody, there are some awesome people you can trust online, like these awesome people:

(Note to you: none of these links are affiliate links)

1. One of the guys I follow and read every email I'm sent is blogtyrant.

Ramsay gives allot of useful advice and you can trust him completely.

When you go to his blog, be sure to read 19 things to know before you start a blog as well, this will help you decide whether blogging is for you.

2. Another blog you can follow with confidence is Danny Iny from FirePole marketing.

Again, this is one of the people I follow and I read every single e-mail I receive from them, because I know I can trust them and they also share ALLOT OF USEFUL information. It will also take you a few days to work through all the useful content.  (I even once e-mailed him to ask him a "dumb" question, he responded quickly and with a useful answer - what this tells me is that even though he has a superb website with allot of followers and is well known - he does not think he is better than anybody)

3. Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income also shares ALLOT OF USEFUL information and when you join his e-mail list you get the most helpful book I've seen in a very long time. You can go to the "Start Here" tab and there you will also find what you need to know as well as some free podcasts to listen to on Smart Passive Income.

4. Hanneke from Enchanting marketing is definitely the person to follow to help you in creating content that people will love to read.

5. WordPress news is another great site to follow that will certainly guide you in the right directions. Get some awesome free e-books here

6. If you subscribe to Marketing Profs  you will get allot of useful information - more than you can handle in one day.(you can start with the free signup and upgrade if you want to)

Definitely read these posts:

It is important to know if you have what it takes to blog, but if you already started, you must read the following posts:

How to become a web developer expert

Bigger blogging profits

Over to you:

After reading this post, can you answer the question do you have what it takes to blog?

Was this article helpful to find out if you have what it takes to blog?


Please feel free to leave a comment bellow and don't forget to share, there might be more people who are also asking this same question "do you have what it takes to blog" and they need to find the answer. Thanks for sharing & caring 😉



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