Don’t confuse homeschooling with school

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Homeschooling should not be confused with public schools, I see and hear it regularly
homeschool vs school

Your friends

Your friends don't think that you should homeschool your kids, because you don't have a degree in teaching.

Am I right?

They don't agree with what you are doing, because they don't know what homeschooling is.

And to help them right, you should know what it is.

It is about one thing and one thing only.

Your child

When you decided to homeschool, there was only one reason for this and that is your child.

Either your child does not fit into the school system because of ADHD, ADD, Autism or other learning disabilities. Or your child is getting bullied.

I mean, a beautiful 8 year old child died after being beaten and kicked by bullies.

FYI: Here's an awesome site to help girls with self esteem issues.

So, you are the star, you decided to do something about it and realized that your child is more important than the system everybody seems to believe in - that doesn't work  in any case.

Why doesn't the school system work?

It is because they want to make it one size fits all - and your child is not a regular size.

Your child is unique as is every child.

The difference between homeschooling and public school:


In your homeschool there are a minimum of 1 children and up to a maximum of the amount of children you were blessed with.

No matter how many children that is, I can bet it is not 30 like in a regular class in school.

You are able to help your child with the exact things they are struggling with, be it math, reading, spelling or learning subjects.

(You can read this post to help you with teaching the 9 times tables.)

You can give individual attention to each child until they understand the work before continuing.

There are no influences from the outside, like friends giving group pressure to do things that they would not do in the first place.

There are no distractions from other kids.

They can concentrate and the others (if there are brother's and sisters) are with them, older ones helping and younger ones looking. Not teasing them when they don't understand.

They are not afraid to ask when they get stuck or when they don't understand something, because they know you understand that they can't grasp it yet and you are not judging them.

The rest are not laughing out loud when they read in front of everybody and they are struggling with a word.

Yes, it is good to test their progress every so now and then, but homeschooling is not the school system and that is why children learn more in the homeschool environment than they do at school.

You can use more visual learning, use the internet to your advantage, like with Zane education and Udemy.

You know your child, take their best abilities and talents and grow on that. Help them realize their dream instead of running through a system that does not realize their individuality.

Although we do subjects like in school, we don't do them like they do at school. We add  more fun, more visuals, more art = more life.

That helps them to remember the things they are learning.

While your child is learning, start talking about their future, what they want to be.

Start doing research on how you can help them fulfill that and let them study in the right direction.

We teach life skillsart  and music too.

Public school

All children are equal but some children are more equal than others. (New Rule 1 in Animal Farm)

They all study the same work at the same pace and if they don't understand - that is just too bad for them.

When they read out loud in front of the other kids and struggle with a word, none of the other kids will ever struggle with that specific word and they all think it is funny - they can't help laughing out loud.

They get allot of homework and if they don't understand the homework they get more, because they did not do it right in the first place.

Your friends still confuse you?

Does your friends still confuse you?

You did not make a mistake to start homeschooling and it is in the best interest of the most important person(s) in your life - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Don't let anyone make you think you made a mistake to start homeschooling.

Your children are in good hands, they are in the care of the person who cares about their future the most and they believe in you.

They believe that this is the best for them,

Let them live and enjoy it while they are learning.

Want something for free to help you with teaching?

homeschool learning

Get your free Polar bear ABC learning pack with lots of fun activities.

On your way forward

Always remind yourself why your are homeschooling.

It is not because you were bored and had nothing better to do, it was because of your child.

(For great advice on getting things done you can follow through on the homeschool juggling article - click to read more and get allot of great advice from other homeschool moms)

When things look as if they don't want to work out right, give them a chance.

Sometimes it looks that way, but it isn't - remember you know things your kids still have to learn.

Give them time, they will learn them.

Don't forget to share

Was this helpful? Share it with your friends and they will realize that you homeschool, because it is in your child's interest.


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  1. The thought about homeschooling my child has crossed my mind several times, but was never backed with all it's benefits, which you have explained so clearly in this article. The rationale presented by you for homeschooling is very compelling and, having read it, I feel far more aware and better equipped to make a more informed choice going forward. Thanks a lot!

  2. What a great website and post! I went through the exact things that you described. No one thought homeschooling my son was a good idea. Everyone tried to talk me out of it and I felt very alone and judged for wanting to help my child the best way possible.

    Unfortunately they didn't really change their minds until my son went back into the public school system and tested very high in the placement. I didn't damage him like I was told I would do. He is currently in his last year of a 5 year Masters degree in Architecture. I am so proud of him. The 2 years that we homeschooled was just what he needed.

    So, don't let anyone tell you it's a bad idea. Follow your gut instincts.

    • Hi, Debra, it's funny how people can judge something when they don't know what is actually going on. I'm glad that he fitted in when he went back to public school, and wow, masters degree in Architecture - that's awesome. I'm sure if you didn't do those 2 years, things would have been completely different.
      Be Blessed

  3. Great article Linda!
    I homeschooled my daughter all the way through high school and I wouldn't have done it any other way. It is amazing to me how many people I ran across over the years who criticized what I was doing simply because they didn't understand it. My daughter is 24 now, so back when she was in school there were not quite as many homeschooling families as now. I was constantly trying to explain it to people. This is filled with good information. Hopefully the right people will find it, read it and learn from it!
    Thanks for writing it,

    • Hi Min, thank you for your comment. Yes, today I think there are more homeschool families and growing day by day. Especially with things like bullying being such a huge problem in schools and then there is also the fact that drugs are being introduced to children in primary school already. I have to say congratulations on keeping on with homeschooling even though your friends did not always agree with you, I think that is a huge accomplishment.
      Be Blessed

  4. This is such a good take on home schooling. At the end of the day, as parents, its really what you think is best for your kids. I have a friend who home schools her children. It requires commitment, but I can see the focus and level of detail on each child that public school may not have like you mentioned. This is a good read for parents who are thinking about home school.

    • Hi, Raquel, thank you for your comment. Yes, you're right about commitment, I have friends who thinks when you homeschool, they sit around all day and do nothing. We work very hard and sometimes the hours in the day are just not enough and we start looking forward to weekends and holidays.
      Be Blessed

  5. In my opinion the whole public school system is trash. I would home school my kids or if I had the money send them to private school. When you don't get it the class moves on. You are left behind. They've made it so easy to pass these days, kids graduating are functionally illiterate. Why? the system is a joke. Oh, if I had to do it over again.....

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I couldn't agree more. It is interesting how many kids coming out of school these days can't even spell properly. I was looking for the perfect word to describe it and I like the one you used - a joke.
      Be Blessed

  6. This provides another perspective on homeschooling. When it started out in the US, it was misunderstood and frowned upon. However, now there are accredited homeschooling programs and curriculum.

    Kids do get more attention with homeschooling arrangement.

    Are there homeschooling programs that offer kids the chance to do it with other kids? Or do they have to do the program independently?

    Thanks for taking the time to write this

    • Hi
      Yes, homeschooling was misunderstood and sometimes it still is. Especially when it comes to socialization.
      There are homeschool communities everywhere, where the kids can either get together after every term to socialize. Some of them regularly joins together for outings, like visiting the Fire Brigade or special places.
      The best way to find them is to search in Google for homeschool community in .... and add your area.
      Some kids who homeschool are also in classes, but if considering to apply, you have to be sure that they are registered.


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