Math:crack the codes,draw the picture

  Free homeschool ebook: math: crack the codes and draw the pictures   (Book cover created with Boxshot ) Making math fun: When kids enjoy math, they are more willing to learn. By first doing the math to crack the codes, they get the answers to which dots they should use and connect to draw the […]

ELanguage learning pack

  Become An International Conversationalist! Teach Yourself Eight Languages All At Your Own Pace And From The Comfort Of Your Favorite Easy Chair Using Only Your Computer And This Sensational Ebook Learning Package ! At the bottom of this page is your “buy now” button. Dear Online Friend , If you have ever thought it […]

Creative writing: The Prince and Princess

Get your free Creative Writing ebook today In homeschools we tend to concentrate so much on spelling and grammar that we tend to forget or neglect creative writing. This free ebook will encourage your children to write a story by guiding them through the process. Doing creative writing only needs a little encouragement and that […]


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