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When we watch movies, we love popcorn and many years ago a friend of ours shared with me the easiest way to make popcorn and I never looked back

Before then, my popcorn would either burn allot at the bottom or I would have allot of kernels that did not pop.

I have tried to make popcorn in the microwave, but for me that was a flop as well (most of them didn't pop, and then have you ever burned popcorn in the microwave? I didn't think it was possible, but I've managed to do that many times. With the bags of popcorn it is easier, but I once even managed to burn those, but that was because I left while they were in the microwave and didn't hear they stopped popping.

But, with the easiest way to make popcorn I'm going to share with you, you can make a whole 5 or 10 liter bucket size full and it will be not trouble at all.

Step 1: to the easiest way to make popcorn:

You must use the biggest pot you've got. I like to use my old fashioned steam pot, because it has a capacity of 20 liters and it has a heavy base so it stays hot enough longer.

easy popcorn step 1

The pot







Step 2: for the easiest way to make popcorn:

Switch on your stove (on the highest heat) and add your oil, but just enough to cover the base and about 1 milliliter thick. If you add to much oil the popcorn that popped first will be lying inside that oil, making them drenched in oil and those ones are awful.

Add just 3 popcorn kernels

easy popcorn photo

some oil and just 3 popcorn kernels

popcorn made easy

Now you don't lower the heat on your stove yet, you must wait until those 3 kernels has popped. If you look at the bottom left, you can see part of one of the popped popcorn kernels, the other two jumped right out the pot - be warned, that happens most of the time.

 Step 3: popcorn made easy:

Now you can put in allot of popcorn kernels, I normally fill the entire base. (I don't have a picture of this, because they start popping immediately - it would not have been a good idea to take a picture at this moment)

You immediately put a oil shield cover on top. (If you are not sure what this is, it is a "lid" with a very fine wire that has very small holes in - like in the picture at the bottom)

And now you switch off the stove.
easy popcorn picture 4

oil shield cover

Step 4: easiest way to make popcorn:

The popcorn will start popping.

Take the shield cover with the handle of your pot together and the other handle on the other side and shake your pot every now and then.

Within a few seconds the pot will be filled up to halfway and you can take off the shield cover, they will not jump out anymore.

You can call the kids and they can come look how the popcorn at the top moves when the ones at the bottom pops.

Step 5: the last step for your popcorn:

You can shake it by holding the pot on both handles and just shaking it horizontally, but if you want to give it another good shake, you can just put the cover back and shake it.

When they stop popping, you can throw them in a container and add your flavoring while they are still nice and hot.

If you are making a 10 liter bucket full, you might need to make another batch, so just start at step 1 again.

popcorn tips:

  • Never leave popcorn on the stove unattended.
  • If you like sweet popcorn, I've found what works the best is icing sugar (not sure if everyone knows that and it was just me who found out with trial and error)
  • Popcorn is not just fun to eat, but high in fiber (which makes them healthy)
  • The way we make popcorn with the easiest way to make popcorn method, your popcorn is not oily they are just right.
  • When I spice or sugar my popcorn, I use a bucket with a lid. After I put the popped popcorn in the bucket, I close the lid and give it a few good shakes to distribute the flavoring.

Enjoy your popcorn with a great family movie - the kids love watching movies together and remember you are never to old for a walt dysney or dreamworks comic!

I'm sure this was very helpful and if you leaned something new, please share this easiest way to make popcorn with your friends so that they can enjoy movie nights with their precious kids as well.

This article was written by Linda Pretorius on all-about-life-tips.com and it is definitely the easiest way to make popcorn if you don't have a popcorn machine or a microwave!


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