Easy homeschool art class

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This is one easy way to teach homeschool art class

homeschool art class

If you're anything like me, you can't draw a good stick figure, let alone draw beautiful pictures.

But, I must tell you, with this see the light shine art class, I've learned to draw some shadows and do shading.

I even drew a bird. Although my sizes were a bit out of proportion, my bird's head was just as big as the body, my bird did not look too bad

(I think ;-D)

You can check out 3 video lessons for free by clicking on the picture below, that way you don't spend any money yet and see if it works for you and your kids before you buy.

Teaching homeschool art class when you can't draw

Now if I can't draw, and know nothing about drawing (shading, lighting, etc), how am I able to teach my kids to draw?

With see the light shine it is super easy. They watch the videos and try it out for themselves.

We are visual characters by nature, that is why following videos is allot easier than following allot of words on a page and not remembering anything.

Art is a visual thing - it must be seen, felt (inside) and experienced, what better way than to do it through video.

Kids learn allot easier when they watch videos.

Big bonus, they can't fall behind, because if they don't understand, you can pause or go back - have you ever seen a teacher pause or rewind in class - NO!

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