Exciting changes in your life series

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Join our exciting changes in your life series and see how your life changes:

Who should join:

Are you tired of struggling through your life, feeling depressed, lonely or just as if everything is too much for you to handle at this moment?

Then you should join.

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What are you joining:

You will join an exclusive email campaign where you will receive an e-book once a week for free.

What are the e-books about:

The e-books you receive for free are going to change your life, because they are going to show you exactly what you must change to turn your life around for good and why you are in the mess you are at this moment.

What you must do:

  1. First of all, join the exciting changes in your life series by subscribing to the email list.
  2. Choose "Life tips" in the subscription box.
  3. When you receive your e-book, don't download and never read. You must read it within one week, because the next week you will receive another one.
  4. If the e-book is long and you don't have allot of time to read, divide it into sections by dividing the number of pages through 6 days and be sure to read the amount of pages you got in one day. (eg: 150 divided by 6 = 25 - read 25 pages per day)
  5. If you are a fast reader and you finished the book before the week is finished, read it again, make sure you got all the most important details. Sometimes it is good to re-read to be sure you didn't miss something.
  6. Start implementing what you are reading!
  7. Start enjoying life.....

My promise to you

If you continue to go through these ebooks and bring your part, you WILL see changes in your life.

But.... sadly, I cannot watch you after you downloaded the book, there you are on your own..... don't read them.....don't see your life change.

Through this entire exciting changes in your life series, I will not send you any e-mail that will sell you anything and I will not charge you at any time for this free advice or the free e-books.

I hate spamming, because it wastes allot of time, believe me, I have my fair share of spam mail - I WILL NOT SEND YOU SPAM MAIL!!

Start changing your life today, join the exciting changes in your life series.


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About Linda Pretorius

I love to share information I believe everybody can use. I am a wife of 1 and homeschool mother of 2. I share information on diets,beauty, making money online, homeschooling and changing your life. (I love to sing too and I absolutely love God.) Come find me on Google+


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