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How many of you have gone on diets and halfway there, you just gave up.  There are a few things you need to do - to get your head in diet gear.

 First of all, you have to have determination, eagerness and willpower.  Without these three actually anything you attempt in life will not be successful.  The same law applies to dieting.


And then you must REALLY BE TIRED with the way you look.  If you don’t have the drive, deep within to change your body and your life, you are bound to fail.


You must also get your head in diet gear and here are some tips to help you.


Decide right at the start how serious you are about loosing weight.  If it is something you REALLY WANT and in which you REALLY want to be successful, nothing should keep you back.


First tip to getting your head in diet gear:

What do you say to yourself?

Are you bullying yourself and telling yourself that you are fat and no matter what you try, you will never loose weight?  And if you did eat a huge piece of chocolate cake, do you tell yourself that you are a weakling and will never succeed?


 Listen actively to what you are saying to yourself.  Listen to your thoughts and think if it is really fair comments.  Would you tell your overweight best friend that she is fat or ugly?

No, because she would never speak to you again.

Treat yourself as you would your best friend, with love and understanding.

Rather say to yourself “everyone makes mistakes, I’ll just try again.”

Even if you started a training or exercise program and one day you did not fit in, it is not so bad, don’t give up entirely, tomorrow you get up and give it a go again.


Second tip to getting your head in diet gear:

 Do you rather leave the things you dream about, instead of working on it?

Maybe you always wished you could take up dancing lessons, singing lessons or maybe start playing tennis. Now maybe you are to shy, because you think “what will other people think of me?”

 So to get your head in diet gear, you must decide on something you always wanted to do and take the bull by the horns – go do it.  Don’t worry what other people will think of you, most of the time people are so into themselves – chances are they won’t even notice you.

 Do what you have and want to do and don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back.


Third tip to getting your head in diet gear:

 Are you making excuses for yourself?

Maybe you are alone at home, your husband and kids went fishing, or whoever you share living space with (or maybe you live on your own), maybe your boss is treating you badly or unfairly – now you want to sulk and feel sorry for yourself.

Now on your way home or you get in the car especially for it, you stop at the shop and buy handfuls of sweets and chocolates.  Later that evening you look at all the papers and you feel guilty.  Then you have an excuse like “but I’m alone “or “It’s my bosses fault.”

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If you are going to keep on making excuses for negative behavior, you will never get thinner. (Sorry but truly)

 What you must do in this case to get your head in diet gear is to realize that you don’t have an excuse to overeat.  If you keep on looking for excuses, you fall into a circle of negative behavior.

Things go wrong in our lives regularly and a slab of chocolate is not going to fix it.

What you must do in this case get your head in diet gear is to stop looking for excuses why you are overeating and handle the problem.

 If you are feeling alone, learn to handle it. You can look at it as a chance to read a book or spoil yourself with the kind of movie no one in the family wants to watch.

 If you have problems at work see if you can do anything to change it, but don’t use it as an excuse to overeat.

 Every time you are eating ask yourself, “Why am I eating?” If the answer is not “because I am hungry,” look deeper to see if there might be something inside that you are trying to avoid.

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This will not only help you loose weight, but it will also help you to learn how to handle situations better and have a happier life.

 The Fourth tip to getting your head in diet gear:

 Be honest about your goals. Have you ever lied and said that you are not on a diet, and in the meantime you were? Or maybe you kept quiet when a friend cut you a piece of cake. Maybe it was not because you wanted to cheat on your diet that you kept quiet, but maybe you were afraid that the world diet will move all the attention to your body and that people will judge you. If no one knows you are on a diet, they won’t realize if you quit the diet.

The best way to overcome these obstacles is to share with your friends about your goals. If you are honest, they won’t offer you cake, or if they do and you say “no thank you,” you have a good reason.

If it is something you really want to succeed in – NOTHING SHOULD KEEP YOU BACK.

Even if you get unwanted reactions when you tell about your goals, remember:

You are the one who will benefit from a healthier lifestyle and it is you who have to be happy inside. Besides it is your body – not someone else's.

 No one else has a say over your body.

 By thinking different, you can change your life. Ask yourself what a new body will mean to you. Keep this list somewhere so that you can look at it when you feel like giving up.


So to get your head in diet gear: Don’t let stumbling blocks stand in your way. These stumbling blocks are in our head and you can remove them.

If you found this post helpful, you can share it with your friends so they can also get their heads in diet gear and get going on loosing weight. You can also take a look at my greatest diet tip, just go to the catogories at the bottom of this page and click on diet tips. There you will find the Greatest diet tip and list of portions.

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