Getting your head into building muscle gear

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Building Muscle Is All in Your Head, that is why getting your head into building muscle gear is important

getting your head into building muscle gear
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What is the most important thing to start building muscle

If you were to pull about 100 people out of the gym and ask them what was the most important thing for them to gain muscle naturally, you would get a variety of different answers.

The majority of the people would tell you that it is necessary for you to exercise regularly, others would say that the rest periods between exercise more important.

There is also a large group of people who understand the fact that eating properly is one of the most important parts of gaining muscle naturally.

Very few people, however, would consider your mental abilities whenever it comes to gaining muscle but the fact of the matter is, it may be more important than you realize.

Previous tests

A test was done several years ago in which they split people into three separate groups.

One of these groups exercised regularly at the gym, even though they didn't do so before they got involved in this test.

The second group of people would envision themselves exercising at the gym and thought about what it would be like to be lean and strong regularly.

The third group was simply a control group and they did not alter their lifestyle in any way.

Something interesting happened, that you might not even consider possible.

The results of the tests

Of course, the group that went to the gym regularly noticed gains in muscle and strength and also lost a considerable amount of body fat as a result.

The group that did not do anything really had no change in their body composition at all.

The interesting thing is, however, that the individuals who thought about going to the gym and meditated on being strong actually did experience some muscle growth and weight loss.

What can we learn from these tests?

What does the tests show us?

It shows us that our mental abilities are very important whenever it comes to muscle growth.

If we were to combine the first and last groups of this test, we would experience a much larger growth as a result.

Thinking about being muscular while we are in the gym and mentally pushing ourselves as we are physically working out is an excellent way for us to improve our muscle growth.

Not only that, it helps us to be sharp mentally and to experience growth, both in our body and in our mind.

Need help getting your head into muscle building gear?

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Is your head in muscle building gear?

Feel free to share with us how you got your head into muscle building gear and how you keep it there by leaving a comment below.

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