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If you look at some of the greatest diet tips on the net, most of them require some kind of pill or a diet that you cannot follow for the rest of your life.

I have the GREATEST DIET TIP for you right here, you don't need to drink any pills or diet supplements, because these does not help you in the long run. Click on diet tips under the categories or you can just click here

If you look at the Atkins as well as the Dukan diets, they both include eating mostly meat. Not all of us like meat and if you start adding other foods to your diet again, still the same thing happens, you add kilos once again.

What I did learn from the Dukan diet is that if you add oat bran to your food, it gets rid of some fat. Here are some great ideas on adding oat bran to your food.

Almost anything that you make with flour, you can add oat bran and it will not make a difference in the taste.

Here is a recipe that is very easy to make within a few minutes and great for dissolving fat:

1 cup self raising flour

half cup oat bran

pinch of salt

teaspoon diet sugar or fruit sugar (preferably not containing aspatame)

3 eggs

teaspoon olive oil

little bit of water, but only if dough is to stiff after mixing.

Mix all the ingredients togehter

Scoop one big spoon (Table spoon) into a pan - preferably spayed with spray and cook or nonstick pan.

Cook it like you would a flapjack, first on the one side until it is nice and brown and then on the other side

When you serve it, you can cut it open and put the following ingredients inside:

Mix all ingredients together and use as filling:

Tuna (preferably in water/brine-water drained) or Pink salmon

Mayonaise - you can put enough in so that it is not dry (low fat if you like)

Onion chopped fine

cucumber, chopped

tomato chopped

(secret ingredient - teaspoon of condensed milk)

add some salt, pepper or herbs to taste

and if you like chilli's you can add those as well. (also chopped)

If you eat this at least once a week and drink the Super Duper Water every day - found under the category diet tips, you are sure to show those kilo's some lessons.

You can even add any other filling you like, exchange the tuna for fine chicken or even pieces of steak.

Because this is VERY FILLING, you don't eat too much at once either.
If you found this helpful, I am sure your friends will also so please share it with them as well.



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