Hair rehab

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Hair rehab, give your hair much needed attention

Are you suffering from bad hair day after bad hair day? It is never too late to give your hair much needed attention.

Fine fly-aways, split ends and the frizzies can be symptomatic of your hair type but can also be because of the condition your hair is in. If you've been abusing your locks it might be time to admit your tresses into hair rehab and sort them out. Don't miss the - damage alert - section at the bottom of this post.

Freaking out about frizz?

The first thing that is important to remember is that naturally curly hair is naturally drier too. This type of hair automatically lacks moisture because it's unable to hold onto it.

Your rehab program:

The best thing to do with this hair type is to make peace with your curls. Accepting your hair type and working with what you have will help you enjoy it more. Of course the less you mess with it, the less damage you do. Don't try all kinds of DIY straighteners that damages your hair, rather go with the curl and enjoy it. You can talk to your hair stylist about cutting your hair to a length that is easy for you to blow dry at home. With very curly hair, keeping it longer, depending on the thickness automatically makes it more manageable. If you want to color your hair, it is better to go darker than lighter. The darker your hair, the more healthy it will look, but if you go lighter, your hair might look more damaged.

I prefer blow drying my curly hair with a diffuser, because it keeps the curls more locked in and does not damage your hair that much. I once had someone ask me how to blow dry curly hair without a diffuser and because I have been doing it so many year with a diffuser, I did not really know how, but I tried to do it. Believe me, it was very difficult and the curls looked allot more frizzy even though I followed the same procedures I do when working with a diffuser. So I would urge you to rather buy a hair dryer with a diffuser. I have allot of diffusers in my house, because one fits on a certain kind of dryer and the next on another. Sadly, this is not something you can mix and match, because not all hair dryers are the same. That is why if you don't have a diffuser, I would suggest rather buying a set like the following:


Fine fly-aways?

Wispy bits are a nightmare if you're trying to pull off a polished ponytail or sleek blow dry. While fine hair is at risk of fly-away strands, new hair growth (especially around the hair line) can also be tricky to manage. Your approach needs to be two-fold. Get the right haircut and then shop for the right products to help you achieve controlled hair at home.

Your rehab program:

A solid bob (choose the length that suits you) works with this type of hair. The less texture you have and the fewer layers cut into your hair, the better. There is a myth saying that you shouldn't use conditioner, but this is only a myth, because most people are under the impression that you shouldn't use conditioner on fine hair, but for fly-aways you actually need to decrease the static by using a conditioner. A good shampoo and conditioning duo play a huge role in controlling your hair - together with the right haircut of course. And to ensure your hair really looks groomed, shop for a light-hold hairspray - the perfect styling aid for this hair type.

Having hair fall out?

Perhaps you've scorched your locks with too many vigorous strokes of the flat iron? Or perhaps your braids have caused major breakage around your hairline? Whatever your hair trouble, no one needs hair that breaks or falls out.


Your rehab program:

If you're worried about hair breakage but struggling to manage your ethnic hair (which, remember will be naturally drier because the curlier the hair, the less moisture it has), then you can consider getting it relaxed or straightened. Ethnic hair that's had these types of treatments has a better chance of retaining moisture, therefore improving the way it looks and feels, as well as upping the manageability factor.

But remember never to relax more than four times a year due to the harmful chemicals in relaxing products. When visiting your stylist to treat your re-growth, take care to be sensible and not re-damage already chemically treated hair.

If the cause of your breakage is damage from heat from styling tools, your action plan should be a cut and generous use of intense conditioners and treatments at home. Look for products with moisturising ingredients that will help to nourish you locks.

Time to split?

Split ends are a result of dry, brittle hair and the culprit, unfortunately is you.

But the good news is that with some new hair resolutions, split ends don't have to be an ongoing problem.

Your rehab program:

Split ends can be caused by one of many bad hair habits. Bad brushing technique after you've washed your hair, intense heat or perhaps waiting too long between hair cuts can all cause split ends. It is recommended that you visit the salon for a cut every six weeks if your hair is in bad shape and subjected to lots of heat styling. But if your hair is super healthy then you can get by with a cut every three months.

If your flat iron is to blame for your unraveling ends, then give your hair some extra help by spritzing on a thermal protection spray before you blow-dry and style your locks.

A good treatment every so now and again, will also give your hair a healthy look and feel and keep them in great shape. Healthier hair = less bad hair days.

 Damage allert!!

Why brushing wet hair is (very) bad news:

While you might want to brush out your knotty post-shower hair, the reality is that brushing wet hair is one of the worst things you can do to it.

Brushing wet hair will cause it to overstretch and break.

Here's how to get your locks smooth again after washing:

  • Before you apply conditioner, twist the water out of your hair so it's not completely soaking wet.
  • Once you've applied your product (which will act as a protectant), grab a wide toothed comb.
  • Start to smooth out your hair gently by combing from the bottom up (from the base of the knot)
  • Once you've combed through your hair, you can rinse out the conditioner and gently towel-dry your hair before blow drying and styling.
  • When towel drying, remember to press out the water with the towel instead of rubbing.


 Final solution:

If your hair is still under construction to better their condition and you are really having a bad hair day - you are in a hurry or you don't have allot of time to look good, there is only one solution, providing your hair is long enough:

 I sure hope that this hair rehab is helping you put an end to your bad hair days and making life easier for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions about hair rehab or what has worked for you that will help all of us have less bad hair days, please leave your suggestions in our comments, we will appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this post by Linda Pretorius helping you with hair rehab.

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