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In our Home school art project this week we made a paper flower and I am going to show you step by step how to do it

This was my daughter who started making these paper flowers, I seriously don't know where she got the idea, when I asked her, she said she just thought of it - one thing I definitely know is that she did not get it on the internet, because they are not allowed to use the internet yet.

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What you will need to make your paper flower:

1.  Grey Pencil

2. Colored paper can use 2 variants, in the example we used white and blue

3. Rubber (for just in case)

4. Sharpener (for just in case)

5. Scissors

6. Glue stick

7. Ribbon, if you want to make a nice looking tie-back for the classroom like we


paper flower

We glued the paper flower to a ribbon and made a tie-back for our classroom

Paper flower step 1

Step 1: Fold the paper in half and half again for the first step of making the paper flower

How to make your paper flower:

Step 1:

Fold the paper (this is the color you want to be the main color of your flower, because you are going to cut your petals out here) in half and half again, so now you have four sides.




Flower art step 2

Step 2: draw petals in teardrop shape, but square at the bottom

Step 2 and 3:

flower art step 3

Step 3: cut our little teardrops

Cut out 2 x big teardrop shapes, but they must end with a square at the bottom. (with the way the paper is folded, you will have 8 petals now)

Cut small teardrop shapes from the same color, if you want.




paper flower step 4 - 7

Step 4 - 7 cut long strips and round circle from other color. stick small teardrops on one side and fold foot piece to stick to circle.

Steps 4 - 7:

Cut long strips from the other color as well as a round circle.

Stick the small teardrops at the one end of the long strips.

Fold a small foot piece to stick the small strips to the circle.





Step 8:

flower art12

paper flower step 8

Fold the square part of the petal and put glue on.








Step 9:

paper flower step 9

continue this until all your petals are finished - your paper flower should look like this



flower art14

paper flower last step

If you are going to put your flower on a ribbon, then you have only one step left, to put the flower on the ribbon.









I hope you enjoyed this home school art project where we made a paper flower tie-back for our classroom curtains. You can share this with your friends, then everybody can make beautiful paper flowers. You can use them for whatever decoration you can think of.

You are welcome to share with us how your paper flowers came out.

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