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Considering teaching a foreign language in your homeschool?

teach foreign language in homeschool


You can't even say the words, how are you supposed to teach a foreign language in your homeschool?

Do you think that the teachers in public schools who has to teach foreign languages knew what they were talking about when they started out?

With the internet these days, there are so many sites that can help you when you have to teach a foreign language that there is no reason not to.

If you go to the IHomeschool network posts about foreign languages for your homeschool you will find allot of great advice on teaching foreign languages. (I especially liked the first post called:  Foreign Language Curriculum Reviews for Homeschool by Tricia  as well as Cherokee language online class review by Jamie)

Teaching a foreign language in your homeschool can be allot of fun, no matter what language you choose.

Is it a myth that the younger children are, the easier they learn new languages?

Or is it that they learn better when they learn a new language earlier?

Feel free to share your comment and testimony about this at the bottom in the comments field, maybe we can bust this myth or is it not a myth?

What foreign language do we teach in our homeschool?

Living in South Africa, we have 11 official languages.

When the choice is so huge, how does one choose where to start?

The Government of South Africa wants to make teaching a third language compulsory Government schools.

Because we have to stay in line with Government preferences, we chose to add a third language.

We decided to start with Sesotho (South Sotho).

How do we teach this foreign language in our Homeschool?

I downloaded an ebook free from the internet, which you can find here (if you click on the link it will start downloading immediately).

What I love the most about this book is how they explain exactly how to pronounce the words in the beginning of the book.

If you never heard anyone speaking Sesotho, you can buy the MP3's to listen (not affiliate link) to them.

The free online course by Unisa also helps where there might still be gaps left.

Other foreign languages to encourage and teach in your homeschool








Sign Language

How would you like to learn these 8 languages?

Interested in teaching these languages?

Buy and download the Ultimate Elearning Language package.

What homeschool foreign language are you teaching?

Feel free to share what foreign language you are teaching as well as the sources you use by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

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