Homeschool fun day

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Come see what we did at our homeschool fun day.

fun with homeschooling and baking
baking cookies




Great homeschool tip, look at what we did this past weekend. Boy was it allot of fun.

We baked cookies!! The most fun part is that my little girl loves art and it was she who started with this we must bake cookies this weekend. We used to bake cookies in the old days (when they were still in public school), but they did not participate in the making or baking, because it was mom's job. If they did help, it was just a little with the decorating.

One great thing that happens when you start homeschooling, especially when they come out of a public school is that you become the teacher. Have you ever heard that the teacher is the only one who knows everything and when you don't agree with the teacher, you are wrong and they are right.

Well, now everything becomes a learning experience. I am the teacher and everything we do together is a chance for them to learn and the fact that they believe I know what I'm doing helps allot. They are like open journals and you can write everything you want them to learn in there. My husband said I am creating little me's. Which I think is good, because I am committed, honest, hard working and true.

So let's get back to the cookie baking. We even tried out some new ways of forming the cookies. By the way, trying to make little ornaments out of cookie dough does not work, they fall flat when they are in the oven.


homeschool fun day really fun


Here we used a stencil to create a picture on the dough and created a border with a cookie press.


So this just goes to show you, when you homeschool, you have time for FUN!!

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