Homeschool juggling to get it all done

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When you homeschool, juggling to get it all done is key

homeschool juggling to get it all done

If there's one thing that we cannot change its the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.

Preferably we should sleep at least 6 out of the 24 which leaves us with only 18 left.

This might sound allot, but have you seen how they fly by?

Add regular things that has to be done to the mix and those 18 hours start to shrink.

Then add homeschooling to the mix and see how you must start juggling to get everything done.

Since we started homeschooling

When I was at work and my kids at school, time did not pass that quickly - not for them either, but as the saying goes:

"Time flies when your having fun!"

And that's definitely the case here.

And as if homeschooling isn't enough

As if its not enough to homeschool, we have other responsibilities like cleaning, washing, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc.

And then we go and add some more things like blogging and taking care of some new animals (like our new chickens in the image below) or pets. (And sometimes we must take care of a sick animal in-between)

homeschool chickens

And even as if it's not enough, we go and add new jobs, like the one where I type books, CV's, letters, etc on FIVERR.

But in the end, I think being busy is what keeps us going, don't you?

Why do we do this?

This is my own opinion, but I for one don't like sitting around doing nothing.

So, how are we homeschool juggling to get it all done?

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule

This is so important.

Keeping to a schedule doesn't only help you and your kids to stay organized, it also helps to get everything done.

If you need a schedule, you must take a look at the 620+ free printables post and find a schedule by going to the linkup. (Take a look at the ones under household organization printables)

OR you can just take the shortcut and go directly to the Print-a-Palooza.

No matter how you get your schedule, start planning and have your day organized.

This is great advice coming from someone with ADHD, because we tend to procrastinate, do everything that comes to mind and nothing that should be done.

When you have a schedule (and keep to it) your day is organized and you really get more done.

2. Teaching kids life skills

Teaching kids life skills is as important as being able to read and write.

This is done through teaching them things we take for granted and learned how to do many years ago, like doing washing, dishes or any other household chores.

We spend time in the afternoons "after school" to learn some new skills if they haven't been taught yet.

When they have confidence that they have mastered a life skill, they can start doing it on their own, giving you more time to do something else.

This is a bonus for them, because they get paid for everything they do.

This all started when I used Erica's chore charts to help them by giving them chores to do and for each chore they do, they get paid.

(This is where I add new jobs for myself to still keep busy.)

3. Find online help

One of my favorite things is using modern technology to help me teach my kids.

I regularly see people posting to facebook when they were young, they played outside and these days all the kids have cellphones, play stations and tablets.

I think we must learn to grow with technology and see it as a blessing instead of a curse.

You can use this technology to your advantage, like using

And don't forget Youtube

Another place to find educational apps is in Google play store:

Just remember to go through the reviews to make sure you will be happy with the app before you download it.

Why I love technology so much is when you are busy with one child, the other child can keep on learning without your presence (and they enjoy it so much, they don't even realize they are learning.)

4. Let them read

When kids are big enough to read by themselves, have time where they must be quiet and read by themselves.

At least half an hour to an hour a day.

This gives you time to do something else.

Scholastic Teacher Express

5. Get up early

"The early bird catches the worm in the morning" and that is true when you have allot of things to do.

When you get up early, doing some things before the kids have to get up, you get allot more done.

Find out how other homeschool moms juggle:

This is how we juggle in our homeschool to get it all done, but this post is one of many at the linkup from iHomeschool network.

If you would like to know how other homeschool moms juggle, click on the image below:

how homeschool moms juggle

Would you like to add something?

If you would like to add something, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

And remember to share.

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