Homeschool solution: ADD,ADHD and special needs

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When you homeschool an ADD,ADHD or special needs child or children, you will need some kind of homeschool solution to help you, so here it is:

educational videos for homeschoolers

My story

My son has ADHD and my daughter is a special needs child, so I am getting my fair share of handling these daily, because I am homeschooling them.

When you homeschool children who fall under these categories, you need allot of patience. Some days I pray the following prayer allot: Lord grant me patience, BUT PLEASE HURRY.

These children are normally rejected by what is considered "normal", because they are not the same as all the rest - and good for them, who wants to be the same as everybody in any case.

With my son: when I fetched him at school in the afternoons, there were allot of helpful and nosy children. I don't blame them, they want to learn and know more about him. They would either tell me that he was not listening in class again today or they would say that the teachers told him he must stop sleeping in class - he wasn't physically sleeping, he just got bored and stopped listening.

I can still remember one day a boy (in his class) came up to me and asked me: "what is wrong with him?"

I asked him, "why do you ask?

"No, I was just wondering, how can he get such good grades, but he never listens in the class and he always looks like he doesn't want to be there. He always seems to be absent minded, why is he like that?"

I just told him that is the way God made him and we love him just the way he is. Then I asked him is he has ever seen how many absolutely smart and intelligent professors seems to be very confused.

That seemed to cure his curiosity and he left.

With my daughter: She is the one who will immediately start working and not let anything distract her while she is busy with her work, but she does not understand everything. She has a problem with reading and she exchanges her letters (dyslexia) when she writes. She will write : I cnot understnda, instead of I cannot understand. Sometimes she would mix up allot of words, especially when it with exams or tests. Like writing thing, she would write thngi. And then to crown this all, somedays a b is a d and the other way around. (And by the way, just thought I should mention this here, she did sit, crawl and walk in the correct order)

She really has to concentrate and the smallest distraction can ensure that she exchanges everything.

When she gets nervous or start to hurry, she will leave out letters as well, like tng or cnot in the above example.

So you can see, for us, homeschooling is the best solution. What they need is 1 on 1.

The problems:

Education for ADD and ADHD
With an ADHD child, you have to keep them entertained, because they get distracted easily and they take a long time before they can concentrate and really take in what you are telling them and what they are learning.

When you turn my back and not give him all the attention, off he goes - into his own dreamworld.

You have to have visuals and sounds to keep them entertained and help them to keep their  concentration on what you want to teach them.

With dyslexia, you must have patience and you must be able to be there every step of the way. You cannot be absent and busy with something else, otherwise you will miss those words that are being exchanged.

Any of these sound and feel familiar to you?

So you can see, there has to be two of me and because I am homeschooling them and there is just one of me, it can become difficult....

..... so you can imagine how grateful I was when I found Zane Online Education.

Zane education is your homeschool solution for ADD,ADHD and special needs, but if you don't fall under these categories, no need to become jealous, they are the solution for you too, they offer homework help, English as a second language or reading improvement. There are too many to mention, rather take a look at Zane Education for yourself.

Other advantages of using Zane Education for your homeschool solution:

  1. The videos that teach the information are subtitled
  2. They already have quizzes that test your children (you don't have to think them out)
  3. Lesson plans are already in place (lesson preparation and lesson activities.)
  4. The best way children learn is through the video study tools - this enables students to fully explore each topic.
  5. You can even find music to study with (free download) to help your children concentrate.
  6. The family subscription is affordable,  it remains the same for any amount of children.
  7. We all have some or the other topic that we are not too good at (making it difficult to teach in it too) -  let Zane education teach your child in that category.
  8. If you take the most expensive option for an entire year it is only $197.89, which is just $16,49 per month, but you have many options to choose from, even the free membership (this limits you a bit, but you still get the free video and math free videos). Or you can just try one topic for just $5 for one month (Topic Taster), then you can see for yourself how awesome Zane education is.

Homeschooling parent - you don't have to sit with you hands in you hair anymore, relax, take a deep breath and take a look at Zane education. The Subjects include: Science & Biology, Social Studies (History & Geography), English (Literature & Writing), Math (free), Art, Music, Religious Studies, Health, Library Skills, Social Sciences.
educational video for christian homeschool

I firmly believe just like this was the homeschool solution for me, Zane education will be the homeschool solution for you too. Feel free to share this article with your friends by sharing this post with them. I am certain they will thank you for it.

Extra BONUS: for the best and awesome free ADDvice on ADD and ADHD, go to ADDitude: Parenting ADHD Children

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