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 The greatest homeschool tip according to me, is this one.

 I Found Erica when I was still looking out to start homeschooling. I love this site.

You might wonder how I can use homeschool and online money tip in one post.

I'm going to tell you about a blog where you can get allot of homeschool advice and great free downloads. I personally use the chore charts for my children and since I started using them, my children started helping in the house, where I used to do everything alone. It is amazing when one has those two helping hands added how quick one can finish with your house work.

With the online money making there is a book on her site, it is called i-blog which you can buy for $7.99. I bought the book, and when I got halfway, I thought that this book was FREE. Every peace of information you find in there is helpful and you can use it. It is written together with many bloggers who each share their part where they are the expert in. I really learned allot from them.

When one does not know where to start making money online, I would suggest buying this book. The first thing most people look at when making money online is building their own blog. Here is allot of practical advice that you CAN REALLY USE!!! And it is so cheap, it is practically FREE!!

Even if you are a blogger and think you know everything, I am sure you will learn something from this GREAT BOOK.


Confessions of a Homeschooler

Enhanced by ZemantaIf you found this homeschool and online money tip helpful, please share this important information with your friends. Remember, I am in no way an affiliate with Erica's blog, I just really love everything she brings.

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