How to block the scary password attacks

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When you have a website, you have password attacks and knowing how to block the scary password attacks is crucial.

password attacks on WordPress sites how to block scary password attacks

I know how you jump from one screen to the next while you are reading posts, scanning them and seeing whether the information is important or you can use it.

Well all the information you are about to read on how to block the scary password attacks is IMPORTANT,

so Right now,

I ask you to STOP, take a break and know that what you are going to learn today will change your life, your website and how gullible you are to get cheated by online scams.

Through this post you will find links going to important information that you have to know when you have a WordPress website.

Don't skip them and don't rush through it, except if you already know the information.

Not the expert

Now I'm not the expert on passwords or security, although I did write a comprehensive article on 10 simple steps to increase website security, I will not call myself an expert. (Just a note: since the writing of that post, LastPass has changed their * (star sign) to ...| (three dots and a line), but it is still the same great source.)

What I do know is having a WordPress website I regularly receive emails from Wordfence about someone who tried to log into my website and I believe you have the same problem. Except of course if you don't have Wordfence and don't know that you have this problem. Some days these sign in attempts go over 100 (and after this post, believe me they will come again.)

It is crucial that you understand everything about passwords, website attacks and protecting your site.

Where will you learn more?

The experts

First thing when you setup your WordPress website, you should setup your Wordfence security.

If you have not done so yet, please do!

To setup Wordfence for your Website is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Go to plugins

2: If it is not already there, search for the plugin "Wordfence security"

3: Download, install and/or activate plugin

After you've installed Wordfence, you should go to your Wordfence tab and set up your preferences by clicking on "Options".

Some settings are for the paid version, but starting off with the FREE version is also enough to protect your site.

Wordfence setup


Be sure to sign up for emails to be notified of important updates. Not sure you understand? Get your Easy to install guide.

People will try to steal your information

Sadly, as soon as you set up your WordPress website, people are already around to try to steal your information.


For more information on how and why people try to steal your information, read this article in the WordPress Security Learning Centre of Wordfence about the introduction to WordPress security.

Hosting sometimes not so cheap

When you consider your hosting, you will look at the cheapest option. How do I know that? Because you think hosting is hosting and the cheaper, the better, right?

NO, you couldn't be more wrong.

If only you can realize that your hosting is basically what an offline business will pay monthly - called rent. If you go find out from the local small shop around the corner what their monthly rent is, you will realize that your hosting is not at all that expensive.

You can get cheap hosting from allot of companies and there's a reason for it. Sometimes, you will have to pay more if you want to be sure that the security of your website is safe.

Who do I prefer? D9 Hosting - I've been with them for years (ever since my online venture started) and  I've never even considered moving.

But, if you have more money in your pocket and can afford really amazing hosting, WP Engine is the way to go.

Act quickly and get Save 20% off your first payment with WP Engine. Use code SPEEDUP. Expires 2/29/2016.

You can find out more about how important your hosting service is in this article about how to choose a WordPress hosting service.

Harden your protection

Now you know why, but you want to know how to protect your site.

The best advice available is in this article How to harden your WordPress site from attacks.

How do you know if your site has been hacked

The most shocking thing is that Wordfence gathered data on brute force attacks across websites that they are protecting in a 16-hour window and found that there are 6 million password attacks in 16 hours. Read more about it in this article 6 Million Password Attacks in 16 Hours and How to Block Them.

With all those attacks and not having Wordfence, how do you know if your site has been hacked? Once again, the experts Wordfence has your answer in this article "Has my site been hacked? How to check".

And if you have been hacked?

By now, your heart is beating fast, you feel hot flushes and you are scared. The biggest question you have now is, if I've been hacked is there any way to save my site?

Once again, never fear when Wordfence is near.

All you have to do is  follow the instructions on How to clean a Hacked Website, which is more advanced, but with the step by step explanations it is do-able.

Any other security issues?

Is there anything else that you are concerned about with security issues?

Make sure to go to the WordPress security learning centre and learn all that you can.

Don't forget to share

This information is crucial and it is for everybody who has a website. Daily more and more websites are being created, help everyone keep it safe by sharing this post.

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