How to improve Google rankings, the secret is out

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Did you know that SSL certificates will improve google rankings?


The safety of your website will be considered as criteria for ranking your website by Google.


If this sounds a bit crazy, take a look at this article at

This article was posted on 6 August 2014 already, does this mean we have to start acting, because almost a year has gone since then?


Is your website address HTTP://domainname{dot}com or is it HTTPS://domainname{dot}com?


What is the difference?


HTTPS means that your website is installed on a Dedicated IP Address with a SSL Certificate installed, which means there is a secure connection between the web server (the server on which your website is hosted) and the web browser (the software used by your website visitor to browse your website).


This means that any data passed to the Web Server from the Web Browser is encrypted and not passed over in plain text.


In the end, it makes the whole browsing process a whole lot safer for your website visitors.


How can you improve Google rankings with a SSL Certificate?


If you want to improve Google rankings, you should know that Google decided to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.

At this stage, high-quality content still has more weight, but this is to give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. Over time, they have said that they may decide to strengthen it, because they want to encourage website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS in order to keep everyone safe on the web.


By installing SSL Certificates on your websites, you can make Google happy, increase your rankings and ensure that your visitors feel safe when they visit your website.


Where do you get a SSL Certificate?

All webhosts (as far as I know) sell SSL Certificates. Log in to your Webhost account and look for the SSL Certificates.


If you are not sure about a Webhost, I can definitely recommend D9 Hosting. I’ve been with them for years and have not had any problems.

At times (once or twice when I messed things up), I had to contact them by submitting a ticket and every time within half an hour I heard back from them, they quickly sorted out my problem and I could go on.

Another awesome host to get your SSL certificates from is WP Engine. Fast and reliable.

For a limited time only:Use code SSL40OFF to save an additional 40% off annual Personal, Professional, or Business plans with WP Engine

What is your opinion on using SSL Certificates to improve Google rankings?

Did you know that SSL Certificates would improve Google rankings? Feel free to share your viewpoint with us.

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