How to rock in Twitter and get more followers

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Want to learn how you can rock in Twitter and get more followers?

Twitter is one of the biggest social media accounts your business can use.

Even though Twitter discontinued showing share numbers on websites, Twitter is still very popular.

In the future, we will see how this decision may affect them, but for now, it is still very popular.

Why am I saying how it will affect them? I've seen that some of the biggest companies have removed Twitter share buttons from their sites.

If you don't use it for business, but for personal, you must still read this post, because the more followers you've got, the better, don't you agree?

Can I shock you quickly?

Twitter is not about you and your business and promoting everything you can, it's about tweeting, retweeting and following others. If you make it about "me, myself and I" your follower numbers will stay low.

get more twitter followers

The Set up of your account

The bio of your twitter account is more important than you think.

When people view your account on Twitter, they decide whether they want to follow you on account of what they see there.

Just having your @handle there, will not give you the most followers - people want to know who you are and what you're about.

If you have a website, you can add the link to your website right there in your bio, just remember that you have a limited amount of characters.

If you rather want people to follow you on Facebook, add your Facebook URL there.

fill in twitter bio

You can click on the picture above and follow me on twitter - chances are I'll follow you back.

Important things to remember when you add your social media account's URL

URL? What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. This tells the search engine (like Google, Bing, Safari, Firefox, etc) what you are looking for.

Use the correct URL

When you add your URL to anything, make sure that you are adding the right one.

I see it so many times where people use the wrong one, like for instance in Google+ they link to their posts instead of their personal URL where people can follow them.

To get the right URL in Twitter, you must click on your profile.

In the picture below you can see how to find it for twitter, but in Google+ it's almost similar, we'll talk about it next time.

Click on your picture and when the popup shows, choose the one with your name and view profile.

choosing the correct URL

When you click on view profile, you will see that the URL changes from just saying to adding your @handle. (just without the @sign)

If you feel that your Twitter bio is not setup correctly you can also change it there by clicking on edit profile.

edit Twitter bio

Highlight, copy and paste ithe URL to where you want to add or share the URL.

Also remember where to find the right URL if you decide to sign up for any of the accounts below that will help you with building your Twitter.

Follow back

When people follow you on Twitter, it is best practice to follow them back.

The more people you follow back, the more followers you will get.

Although I don't follow back everyone who follows me and maybe I'd advise you not to either.

There are allot of porn sites that follow everybody - now I'm not into that, so I don't follow them back and if I accidently did, I block them when I see their disgusting pictures in my Twitter feeds.

How do you know who is following you?

On that same page where you said "view profile", you click on followers.

There you will see who you are not following yet - you can just click on the follow button or if you want to check them out first, click on their profile to see what type of things they share first.

twitter followers


If you are interested in a particular line, you can go search at the top in "search twitter" for eg: #book publishers, #homeschool support programs or #fitness and exercise.

If you add the # in front, you will get more specific searches and you can look at people to follow in a particular interest.

When you find someone who shares the specific interest you share, click on that person's followers or who they follow and follow some of those people too.

Just remember, you cannot follow too many people at once, so don't go following everybody.

This is something you have to do daily.

You also regularly have to unfollow people who didn't follow you back, otherwise your following and follower numbers will be way out. For example, if you follow 2500 people and only 500 follow you back, it does not reflect good.

So how will you know who is not following you back and how are you going to do all this?

Do I have to be on Twitter all day?

Now you will ask, with following everybody and everybody following you back, and then having to post regular tweets in between, how are you going to do anything else - it seems like you'll have to spend all day on Twitter and nothing else.

And then another great question, how do you know who isn't following you back?

Here's another one for you, "what on earth must I tweet about if it is not only posts from my website?"

I've got great news for you, some people already thought of all those things.


Use to see who are not following you back, who follows you and who are your top interactors.

Inside you can also setup your account to thank new followers as well as thank top interactors.

You can start a free account and decide to upgrade later on.
2) Hootsuite

Your social presence will grow allot with Hootsuite. Hootsuite is completely in a league of their own.

Connect your social accounts and schedule posts to them.

Schedule tweets to run throughout the day and you can continue with other work.

3) Buffer

Buffer is almost similar to Hootsuite, where you can also link all your social profiles and "buffer" your posts.

Let's say you just published a post, you can choose to share it with Buffer and the posts will be shared as you set it up in your schedule.

You can even use the Power Scheduler to schedule posts to Twitter for a week from now.

4) Tweet Jukebox

You can also schedule tweets with pictures or quotes with Tweet Jukebox.

Setup your Jukebox to tweet certain things at certain times.

Sign up for free

You can sign up for free for all of the aabove-mentioned accounts and see which of them you like the most.

Which do I use? All of them.

This is just of the top

These are just a few ideas to help you rock in Twitter.

Do you see how twitter is not just about you?

Share this post with your friends and let's all connect in Twitter.

Comments welcome

What strategies are you implementing to rock in Twitter and get more followers? Was this article helpful? Did you learn something new today?

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  1. Linda,
    I went to my Twitter account while I was reading your article. I made some notes to change some things. Your post did help me understand Twitter a little better.
    I have used Hootsuite and Buffer for scheduling tweets. Both work well and have free versions.

    • HI John,
      I'm glad I could help, Twitter is very important for growth of your online presence and knowing how to grow it, is the most important key.
      Yes, with the free versions of Buffer and Hootsuite you can already grow allot, until you see that the free ones are becomming too small and only then it is necessary to upgrade or just post less.
      What I love about Buffer is sending the updates to Google+ of my posts regularly and they let me know everytime when my G+ page is a little "empty".
      Blessings in abundance

  2. Thanks Linda for this mini course on how to rock on Twitter. I've seen you on WA and I only got started on Twitter so I've only got a few followers. The big question though, is how to monetize all the time spent with social networks? Are you going to do a post on that topic?

    • Hi PJ
      Thank you, that is a great idea to do a post on monetizing time spent on social networks, although I must say here, that with all the tools that I'm using to keep Twitter running for me, I only spend about an hour a day, broken down into blups of 15 minutes through the day on Twitter. In that time I do allot of retweets on other people's tweets that I like and follow back people who followed me. I set up my Hootsuite to tweet certain tweets through-out the day on certain times and I must say, since I joined Hootsuite, my impressions on twitter more than trippled, eg. right now "Your Tweets earned 1,435 impressions over the last 24 hours" - copied from twitter.
      If you don't have these tools, you'll spend an entire day on social media, that's how I started out with Twitter.
      Glad the mini course could help - here's to allot of Twitter followers.
      Yes, I saw you around Wealthy Affilliate too, the best place to be.


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