How to take your offline business online

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In this online era, you must know how to take your offline business online

We live in an era where everybody looks for what they need online.

If you have a business like Linda's hair saloon (just an example, I don't have a hair saloon ;-)) - you must know how to build an online presence so that more people can find you.

Most marketers will tell you to build a website, but below you will find the best way of doing it.

how to take your offline business online


Steps to follow to take your offline business online

Step 1 to take your offline business online

Facebook start here

Everybody knows that Facebook is the most popular social media platform that exists.

Before you start creating your Facebook page for your business, make sure that you have the following handy:

  • your business logo and motto (eg: Linda's hair saloon - we do all hair types just the way you like it)
  • a profile picture of your business (this can be the logo you use or a photo of the owner the business)
  • a picture you can use for the cover photo
  • If you want to create an interesting cover photo, you can read this article on how to create your website banner for free - for this option you must have a few pictures handy- (after you go to picmonkey - as directed in the post - you will still choose collage, but then you will go to FB cover as in the picture below:)

create your own facebook cover

Create your page on Facebook

Start by creating a Facebook page with the name of your business. In the example, the name of the business would be Linda's hair saloon.

When you go to your profile (under your normal user name) you will see the drop down arrow where you can among other things choose to log out.

Example of what the arrow looks likewhere to choose facebook page

Choose the option to create page:

create Facebook page

You will get a page that looks like this: (this is only the top part, below are more options: artist/band or public figure, entertainment or cause and community)

facebook create a page

If you have a shop where your business is located and you are a local business, click on local business or place and choose the drop down menu. There you can choose the type of business you have:

Facebook type of business

Then you fill in your business credentials and continue creating your page.

Facebook takes you through the rest of the process. This includes putting up your Facebook cover and profile picture.

Leave the part where you add your website information out, you can add it later.

More help with creating your page on Facebook

If you need more help with creating your page on Facebook, Social media examiner (Linked article: Facebook apps for custom tabs) is the best to follow.

You created your Facebook page, now what?

Now, first start sharing information about what your company does. This will include photo's of work done or stock you have like this page of Infinite Gift Ideas. - while you're there, you can "like" the page too 😉

Next invite all your friends to like your page. Facebook will take you through this process. Don't do promotions yet, if you want to, you can do that later. By this I mean: promote page or boost post.

Why start with your Facebook page?

The most obvious reason is because Facebook is where people share information and pictures.

You want people to know about your business and what your business does.

It is allot easier to start a Facebook page than it is to start a website.

Because you are going to need your Facebook (and other social media pages' information) when you create a website it is better to have them up and running before you start your website.

The learning curve on creating a Facebook page and keeping it running and up to date is allot smaller than the learning curve when creating a website.

Share, share and share

Spend time on your Facebook page, sharing information and when you did something, share it too.

The more you share, the more likes you will get and the more likes you get, the more people share and so it goes on. By the time you create your website, you will have enough followers to send to your website.

Step 2 to take your offline business online

Steps 1 to take your offline business online is enough to keep you busy for now, so I am not going to share the next step with you yet, because they will also keep you busy for a long time.

I know you want to create your website and you are excited to get to this step, but let's take little steps at a time and in the end you will see why I took you down this route.

What I suggest you do is either bookmark this site or click on the follow button to your right at the bottom.

You can also sign up for emails to ensure that you keep up to date and connected to this site. (You can do that below or to your right if you scroll up you will also find the email signup form). If you choose this method, it is selective. In other words you choose, money making tips, life tips, homeschooling tips, etc.

Or you can click on the RSS feed button at the top right side of this page, which looks like the one below: (When you do this, you will get emails every time I post something)

all-about-life-tips rss feed button


We all know that the internet is huge and what you found today, you can't always find again tomorrow, that is why you must be sure that you will return here again when I share step 2.

Share how you take your offline business online

Feel free to share with us where you started - if you already started to take your offline business online and how you experienced it.




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