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did you know that there is an automated way to instantly grow your blog?

Do you know about Onlywire?

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Promote Your Blog

With OnlyWire you can Submit your site to 45+ Networks and in a matter of minutes more people will know about you and the best of all, it is really affordable.

Are you an individual blogger, marketing manager or social media professional? OnlyWire makes it easy to auto-submit your content to the 47 leading Social Communities.

What is Onlywire?

OnlyWire is a Social Media Engine™ that auto-submits your content and status posts to Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pages and LinkedIn with speed and simplicity. SEO can't get better than that, don't you agree?

Who uses OnlyWire?

Bloggers, Content Providers, SEO Professionals, Advertisers and Corporate Marketing Managers, they all use OnlyWire to submit millions of posts each day. Social Media Professionals use OnlyWire to launch, update and analyze social media campaigns.

What plans do they offer?

OnlyWire offers 3 plans to everyone's growing content submission needs.

They also offer a 1 week free trial.
-- Lite - OnlyWire Lite is for individuals or bloggers who submit content and market on a limited basis. $6.99 /mo
-- Pro - OnlyWire Pro is for high volume users who manage multiple networks or feeds. $12.99 /mo
-- Enterprise - OnlyWire Enterprise is for agencies and organizations who manage multiple clients' content and need unlimited users/feeds/networks. $99 /mo

Go ahead, see for yourself what you get 

Promote Your Blog - It's easy! Sign-up for Free and post to 45+ social media sites>

PS: this really beats sitting in front of your computer 12 hours a day to add your posts to your social media and you have more time to work on the quality of your blog or website.

Please remember not to neglect your social media, because OnlyWire will make it so easy for you to submit your blog posts or updates. They also let you know when someone contacted you and everything,  but remember you have real people following you and you should keep in touch with them, remember to still write some other small things like encouragement, jokes, pictures, etc.

This advice on how you can instantly grow your blog was written by Linda Pretorius on and I sincerely believe that this information is helpful to you, so if you found it helpful, why not share it with your friends, I am sure they will thank you for it.



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