Light therapy for depression

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Light therapy can help you with depression

light therapy for depression

Light (sunlight) not light (featherlight)

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area of the world that is warm year-round, you probably would have a difficult time understanding how somebody would be depressed because of a lack of light.

The fact of the matter is, light deprivation is a serious problem in many parts of the world, especially during the cold winter months.

That is why it is necessary for many people to make sure that they are getting sunlight on a regular basis in order to overcome this temporary bouts with depression.

There are a number of different ways that this can be done.

Number of ways to use light therapy for depression

Bring in natural sunlight

The most beneficial way for you to be able to overcome a problem with light deprivation is by getting more sunlight on a daily basis.

If you have access to a window which allows the sunlight in regularly, perhaps you would be able to sit in the sun for a few minutes or even a half hour on a daily basis.

Many of us begin to feel better because of the warmth of allowing the sun on our skin during this time.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is, however, that many people live in a part of the world that tends to have gray skies during the winter months.

This can make it difficult to be able to get the necessary light to overcome depression, even if you do have access to an area such as this.

Unnatural Light therapy

Another way for us to overcome a problem with depression or to be able to handle it if we are dealing with light deprivation is by going through light therapy.

There are lamps that are available for use in our home and there are also places where you can go in order to sit with these lamps and to get the necessary light in order to overcome the problem.

Just a regular lamp will not do, these are special lamps which gives you many of the same types of light that we are unable to get whenever the sun is not as readily available.

If you deal with depression regularly during the winter months, light therapy is certainly something that you should look into.

If you're able to do it at home, it is a convenient way for you to be able to overcome your depression and to be able to make it through the winter months until the sun comes out again.

Take a walk - OUTSIDE

Exercise and fresh air can do wonders for depression. If you take a walk outside it will help with the light as well as with the blood circulation in your body, which will help with depression.

But if you walk calmly, taking in the air and light outside and you are thinking of the wrong things, you will be as depressed as you were when you started.

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Self examination into light therapy

If you take a look at your house right now (if it is daytime) - are your curtains drawn open or closed?

Open the curtains and see how the place lights up - this is the same reaction taking place in your mind when you let more and more light in.

Studying depression more

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Light therapy for depression comments

Feel free to share how you experienced light therapy for depression - did it help for you?

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