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Do you know where to find fun math games?

free fun math games

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Follow the links below, where you will find great games for kids of all ages for free. (most of them I love too, so apparently the kids can be grown up as well.)

The website I'm referring to is Hooda Math games.

Here are some of my favourite Hooda math games, for you or your child to try out, It is FREE.

You can click on the links below, just wait for the advert to pass (or skip it after a few seconds) and then you wait for the game to load (it does not take allot of time of bites), it is loads of fun and some of them are a bit difficult, so don't underestimate them. You can see who is the best, child or adult. (You might be surprised with the outcome.)


you can also go to

These are some of my favorites:

These are just a few of my favourite math games, there are allot more (too much to mention), they can keep you busy for hours and they are very good for building many skills, like math, accounting, business skills and many more.

The downside I would say is once you start, it is very hard to leave, because they are so much fun and if you are an achiever like me, you always want to be better than the first time. My son (because he loves math) and I have been playing for hours, helping each other and trying to figure out the best ways to win.

Have fun and if you enjoyed this, please share it with your friends so that they can also get the great advantages of these math games.

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