Measure training with brand new technology

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With this brand new technology you accurately measure training to achieve greater results!

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Remote Performance Measurement and Monitoring from

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RPM²  (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring), is a brand new technology-specifically engineered to enhance an athlete's performance by providing data related to gait, range of motion, force, and power!

How does RPM² measure training and what does it do?

RPM² ™ is the first footbed power meter in the WORLD! With remote force-measuring shoe insole used to help correct mechanics and form for athletes potentially reducing injury.

You perform the exercises and the RPM² ™ shows detailed reports designed to help you develop strength and conditioning exercises which helps you achieve bilateral equivalence and higher performance.

RPM² ™ is the first and only footbed power meter in the world and measures both right and left leg power as well as collective power.

RPM² ™ is the first and only true running power meter in the world and streams real-time power during the run - without force, power cannot be accurately calculated. RPM² ™ calculates force directly from the footbed.

RPM² ™ is revolutionary technology that aims at making athletes better, stronger and faster!

RPM² ™ helps athletes achieve higher performance through bi-lateral equivalence. It is recognized by trainers as well as coaches that the more bi-laterally equivalent the athletes legs are, the better the athlete will perform. This is where the development of RPM² ™ started.

Actually RPM² ™ is 3 devices in one which is preset with

  • 4 "range of motion" exercises,
  • 7 "gait" exercises,
  • 3 "pressure" exercises
  • and 4 cycling exercises

These pre-set exercises are designed to provide accurate information in regard to bilateral equivalence.

With the accurate data measurements provided by RPM² ™ athletes can then adjust their training regiments and techniques to be better, stronger and achieve higher performance.

With these measurements athletes and coaches make adjustments to training regimens and protocols.

See RPM² ™ in action

RPM² ™ is the only true running power meter in the world and streams real-time power during exercise, to find out more about RPM² ™, you have to watch this video:

Advantages to measure training by measuring range of motion with RPM² 

The measuring of the range of motion is done through the 4 pre-set exercises.

Here the range of motion screen shots clearly show your bilateral equivalence.

This allows you to make adjustments in strength and conditioning exercises to correct any bilateral equivalence issues.

Advantages to measure training by measuring gait changes with RPM² 

With the 7 gait exercises, RPM² ™ measures

  • step time,
  • ground contact time,
  • flight time,
  • cadence,
  • and sequential force strike (heel, mid-foot, fore-foot strike and acceleration power)

It then takes 5 measurements which allows the coach and athlete to see how gait changes throughout the run.

This gives you the opportunity to address the breakdown in gait.

Advantages to measure training by measuring pressure with RPM² 

Pressure is an important aspect of how you perform. With 3 pressure exercises, the RPM² ™ measures half squat and standing pressure in both quick-time and real time.

These exercises then clearly shows if one leg is favored over the other. Favoring one leg over the other leads to one leg having to bear more of the force and can lead to performance issues.

As if that is not enough, RPM² ™ measures four quadrants of your foot, displaying whether you are pronating, supinating, on the balls of your feet or behind your ankle - all of these can lead to performance issues.

Not running, but cycling you can still measure training?

RPM² ™ also measures force when cycling with the 4 cycling exercises.

The RPM² ™ cycling application divides the ride into separate measurement points.

RPM² ™ can determine if the foot, while in the bike peddle is pronating or supinating which leads to more pressure on the anterior or medial compartment of the knee - resulting in injury as well as bad performance.


Click here to learn more about the RPM² ?(Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring)!


When you measure training with RPM² ™, you will have an advantage.

RPM² ™ is designed as a tool to measure bilateral equivalence, gait analysis, pressure and cycling mechanics.

When you measure training with RPM² ™ the analysis allows you to do adjustments in your training based on mechanical  movements.

If you are a serious athlete, you must have RPM² ™.

No reason not to run the comrades marathon in 2016

Use your RPM² ™ and start training for the Comrades Marathon of 2016.

More information on the Comrades Marathon:

On 24 May 1921 the worlds greatest ultra marathon started in South Africa.

This day is filled with emotion for both athletes as well as spectators.

This marathon is the ultimate event for any runner.

Entries for the 91st Comrades Marathon opens 1 September 2015.

The marathon that will take place in 2016 when it will be the down run.

If you don't know what the Comrades marathon is, how to train or why it is such a big event visit the Official Comrades Marathon site.

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