Most important factors to be successful online

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What are the 10 Most important factors to be successful online?

Reading through this post will take time - its a long post - but I suggest you do.

Just think how long it took me to write it, reading is allot faster than writing and editing - but when you do read through it, you will learn

  • 10 most important factors to be successful online,
  • 5 things you can do for people that provides value
  • as well as 10 tips to write better blog posts.
  • and as a bonus - under number 10. 10 quiet minutes a day free e-books THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (You can download them immediately)

successful online

Also grab the free e-books all through this post and read them when you have time, its for your own good.

Did you think it would be this difficult when you started your online career?

There are so many things to learn.

Starting your online business isn't easy and unfortunately most entrepreneurs never reach the stage where they create wealth.

According to Ken Evoy of SiteSell only 2% of people starting online make it in the business - want to be one of the 2%? Then you must

This happens because entrepreneurs don't create wealth for themselves by selling things, that's what salespeople do.

And sales moves the product.

An entrepreneur creates something that didn't exist before and monetizes it.

They create their wealth by providing value to the world.

Over the years, what the world sees as valuable has changed ALLOT.

This is the age of instant gratification.

We want everything easy and convenient.

This causes us to become mentally lazy.

What are the 10 most important factors to be successful online?

So, what can you do to stay sharp?

What 10 things can you do to move your business forward today?

But, before we go into it, let's take a look at how you can create value as an entrepreneur.

Here are 5 things you can do for people that provides value to them and drive your success:

1. Build relationships:

This is a skill that good entrepreneurs and salespeople have which involves cultivating trust.

There are two types of relationships: Physical and Virtual.

Physical relationships are the most important: this is where you interact with people in real life.

You won't know when physical relationships will pay off, but you don't look to make those connections just for the end result.

You do this, because of what and entrepreneur's mission should be:

helping people solve their problems and providing value to them.

If you have your own agenda outside of that, the relationship won't have the same value to you down the line.

You can't possibly predict how these relationships will pay off.

This is the value of industry events where you meet like-minded people who one day may benefit you in ways you don't know about yet.

Virtual realationships are important too. This is fans on Facebook, Twitter, in your email list, etc.

You must have a strategy or reason why these relationships exist.

Think of them as little seeds you are planting.

Don't dig up the seeds too quicly and try to havest fruit too early, they will yield your harvest when they are ready.

Give time to grow the relationship.

Be proactive, be patient and think long term.

2. Provide inspirational leadership:

Generating focused and deliberate mental energy is difficult.

There are only certain periods per day where you can be absolutely sharp and on your game.

It's what you do with that time that will make your day count.

Being a student of leadership and committing to inspiring other people takes work and mental energy, but the payback is much more rewarding.

This is the best investment you can make for yourself.

People want to be lead. Lead them and they'll appreciate (and reward) you for it.

3. Create content:

Create and share your content with others.

People with interests similar to yours will flock to you when you provide content that interests them.

Write about opinions on what you read and share.

When people experience that value, they will feel an attraction to you and what you offer.

Consistency is important - I must admit here that I fall short on having a regular schedule, just when I start to think that I can keep to a schedule, something drastic happens in my life and the whole consistency thing falls to pieces again.

A great article to read to help you with creating content is 27 Reasons people aren't reading your blog posts on

as well as 15 Steps to optimize your content marketing plan on content marketing institute.

4. Help people interrupt their pattern:

Be bold and help people step outside of their comfort zone.

Have converstations with people about taking off the gloves and taking responsibility for their own growth.

This is not about preaching to people, but holding them accountable to themselves and what they're capable off.

They will love and reward you for it.

5. Have at least 2 of the following 3 qualities:

Whatever you're selling or promoting, make sure it does two of these three things:

  • Meet the need
  • Solve a problem
  • make life easier

Make sure the way you're treating people matches these three values.

Let's get into HOW you can do it here and now....

10 Concrete actions to help maximize value

Take these 10 concrete actions to help you maximize the value your able to provide.

Through that you set yourself up for long term rewards as an entrepreneur.

1. Never stop learning:

Always look at how you can grow and improve yourself.

This is a lifelong process, where we learn something new everyday.

Be teachable.

2. Attend events

Surround yourself with like minded people and you'll be amazed at what you learn from them.

3. Mind your circle of influence:

Hang around the right people with similar goals and you'll feel a greater drive to accomplish yours.

As the saying goes: iron sharpens iron.

4. Open your mind:

Be willing to consider new things you've never done before.

There will always be something you can do better that will give better results.

5. Question old beliefs:

There are many things we assume to be correct and project that into the world.

These tend to wrap you up and constrict your possibilities.

Don't let YOU hold you back.

6. Do what leaders do:

You know what it means to lead, it means showing up the way you're capable of.

It means being the example you know you can be.

7. Do what top producers do:

Develop your sales and marketing skills.

Experience different places and cultures to have a great perspective on what needs there are out there.

This will give you a better understanding of how to help with them.

8. Read:

On  the internet, there's infinite content out there just waiting for your mind to absorb.

9. Find a way to absorb content that works for you:

If you don't like reading, get books on CD or video.

Everyone is capable of absorbing information in some way.

10. 10 quiet minutes a day

Make sure you have 10 minutes a day where you have complete quiet time - when your mind stays still.

  • Find a quiet place and exist in only your own space
  • Doing this will allow your subconscious mind to take over
  • This leads to those a-ha moments.

When you stretch your mind about something, it continues to work subconsciously behind the scenes even after the conscious thought passed.

If you do this late night it primes your brain to fire up that subconscious part of it and work through the night.

The next morning or week you find yourself hit by a moment of clarity inspired by that quiet time.

If you don't know how the sub-conscious mind works, there are allot of great books you can read and I would suggest really making time to read them, your entire life will change with this knowledge, here are some of them:

(If you click on the link the PDF will start to download, you got it free, now - Save it - Read it)

The game of life and how to play it by Florence Shovel Shinn

Your word is your wand by Florence Shovel Shinn

The secret door to success by Florence Shovel Shinn

In your Google search, type: PDF the power of the Sub-conscious mind by Joseph Murphy. Click on the book at the top with the small [PDF] next to it. It will start downloading immediately.

After that, type in Google search: PDF Cosmic energizer by Joseph Murphy, once again, the one that shows up at the top with the small [PDF], click on it and it will start downloading. You must read these books!

Then go to the Law of Attraction Haven and look for Ernest Holmes, click on The science of mind and Creative mind and success (they will start downloading immediately)

You can take a look at some of the other awesome books by great Authors like Napoleon Hill, Genevieve Behrend as well.

I can promise you that I've read all these books and more and they are definitely life changing.

If you need more resources, feel free to sign up for the Exciting changes in your life series.

10 Tips to write better blog posts:

Writing great blog posts are more than just your words.

You post allot of information, but

  • does it grab attention?
  • is it hard to read?

Here are 10 simple tips to help you write better blog posts:

1. Use attention grabbing titles

The better your title, the more it will grab your reader's attention which gives you a greater chance of having your content read.

Captivating and intriguing titles will draw your reader's attention. Write a well written post filled with great advice and ideas and it will definitely get read and shared. (Speaking of sharing, before you forget, how about sharing now?)

2. Use short paragraphs

People read your posts on their computer screen, tablet or phone.

Writing long paragraphs makes it difficult to read.

Use the following tips:

  • Break your posts up in paragraphs
  • The more paragraphs, the better
  • Rather use short paragraphs than long ones
  • If you need to make some paragraphs only one or two sentences to be visually easier to read online - do it
  • Customize your first sentence of each paragraph to intrigue readers to read further

Do not over use bold, italics and colored font - in other words anything that makes your post difficult to read - rather leave it.

3. Use headings

Use headings and bullet points (or number lists) to break up your post into manageable (able to spot read) chunks.

Creating a heading is as easy as:

  • highlighting the text you want to change into a heading
  • Selecting the Heading Style (usually heading 3 or heading 4)
  • Preview your post to make sure it can be scanned

4. Link

If you write about an article or another blogger's post - link to it, because it makes it easier for your reader to check out the details.

Linking is very important, and sometimes new bloggers tend to neglect doing it.

Its good practice to link to:

  • A blog if you mention the blogger
  • The particular post of you are talking about that post on your blog
  • Articles and websites when you write about them
How to create a hyper link:
  1. Highlight the text you want to link to a website, blog or post
  2. Click on the insert/edit link tabhow to insert a link 1
  3. Paste the URLhow to insert link 2
  4. Choose whether you want it to open in a new tabhow to insert link 3
  5. Click on "Add link" and your done.
  6. When linking to your own content, type part of the title you want to link to and you will get results for articles you wrote, choose the right one and click on "Add link"how to insert link 4

5. Use images effectively

"A picture is worth a thousand words", that counts for your blog as well.

Using them effectively grabs your reader's attention and encourage them to read your posts.

Images that can be shared to social media is also a good call.

Key ideas to consider when using images:

Resize images before using in posts

Its important to resize images before you insert them into your blog post, because:

  • It will be easier to the image where you want it to go (align left, align right or centre)
  • Photos from digital cameras are as large as 2.4 MB - they will use up blog storage space and the image will take longer to load.

Recommended sizes for images:

  • 450 pixels wide - if you want to use the full width of your post area (for most themes)
  • 150-200 pixels - to be able to left or right align the image with wrapped text

If you struggle with to resize images, try out resize your photo or image online (it's free) or the internet's easiest resizing tool (also free)

When using WordPress, image optimizers like Smush or EWW image optimizer reduces image file sizes for faster loading.

Don't use copyrighted images

finding images for your blog

You aren't allowed to use any image you like in your posts.

Why? Because unless stated otherwise the law automatically gives full copyright over any creative work a person makes.

Thinking Fair Use Laws? Forget it!!

They are only applicable in the USA and won't protect you from from someone whose copyright has been broken.

Use Creative commons images or create your own images - that way you won't get in trouble.

Here are some image sites you can use, but remember FREE doesn't always mean you can use it make sure its under Creative Commons (CCo) lisence:


alegrip photos


Public domain pictures

Morgue file

Negative space

All the photos and raw files on Negative space are distributed under the CC0 creative commons license, which means that you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission or give attribution.


6. Embed media

When you embed media like slides, videos, comic strips, quizzes, polls or infographics into your blog post, you take it to the next level.

It gives your readers more engagement and interaction in ways you can't achieve with plain text and images.

Watch this video to see how you can easily embed videos in WordPress blog posts

7. Subscribe to your posts:

Yes, you read right subscribe to your posts, meaning your own posts, here's why:

Your readers are now reading your posts through a wider range of choices.

They are using ways from the most thought of and popular method by using a computer to feed readers like Google Reader, sometimes by email, from sites like Facebook to apps on mobile devices.

Your blog posts need to look good for all the different ways people are reading your posts.

If you only focusing on readers who visit your blog posts, you need to rethink this. Visits to your blog is only made up of a small portion of your readers.

You must:

  • take time to learn about RSS and HTML
  • subscribe to your own blog feed using your feed reader and your email subscription
  • check what your posts look like read in different ways

When you do this, you can look at issues like font sizes, image size/alignment, removal of content like embeds and any feed issues that might arise.

Embeds like SlideShare, Voicethreads and videos can be removed in Feed readers and are removed in emails.

Rather embed the media and link to the location on the media.

8. Don't format using MS Word Document

When you format posts using the Visual Editor it works differently than using software like MS Word.

When I just started out, I typed my posts in MS Word and then copied and pasted them into my WordPress editor. I didn't realize that it is different and when I published my posts, it was a mess. They all started with funny codes and non-existent language (I think there might still be some of them around here somewhere?)

Accepting that this will not work and rather not doing it will make things easier for you. If you want to write and edit offline, try out the Hemingway Editor (I bought it myself and will write my next post on it if you want to know more about it before paying yourself) You can try it for free online and see what it does.

For instance, when you type a document in MS Word, you can align your images side by side and when you copy it to your post, either your images are "broken" or they go sit where they want to.

If you want to align images side by side, you can create a collage with  PicMonkey, read how to create your own WordPress header for free for more information on making a collage with Pickmonkey if you don't know how. (But in my opinion NOW - not then - you must not create a fancy looking WordPress header anymore - less is more and not using headers is the in thing these days)


9. Have a blogging routine

All bloggers have times where they struggle to write posts (Except maybe Neil Patel of Quick Sprout and

I definitely fall short here, I have my schedule, but never keep to it, would love to though ;-).

Decide how many posts you want to publish per week or per month.

With a routine, you force yourself to write a post by a certain time and your less likely to suffer "blogger's block" and more likely to write consistently.

When you do your schedule, remember things like life happening, emails that has to be read and courses you might be busy with.

Don't force yourself into a schedule that you can't keep.

I get over a hundred emails per day and more on weekends, when we moved, I missed 4 days of even starting my computer - which meant over 500 unopened emails - do you know what happens to those? Sadly most get deleted 🙁 - who has time to read over 500 emails?

10. Finally, what do you blog about?

If you need more help in knowing what to write about, reading struggling with blogging, important questions to ask yourself and 11 essential ingredients your blog posts need.

One of the most common mistakes made by new bloggers is focusing on what they think their readers want to read. I refer again to 27 Reasons people aren't reading your blog posts on - if you didn't read it yet, I'd advise you to do so, but...

in the end what works for you?

One person will say, forget about your readers, focus on on own needs, another will say focus on your readers, write what they want to know.

I would say, it depends on what type of blog you have.

When you focus on you people will see it in your posts, when you are yourself and your own thoughts and feelings come through, your content will be original and people and read the feeling you put into your posts.

And when you focus on your needs, you will always have something to write about and love what your doing.

Over to you

Any more advice on the most important factors to be successful online? Please feel free to share by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page, I'm sure everybody would love to learn more.

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