Must you have your own product to start making money online?

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Age old question when starting to think about making money online:

 Must you have your own product to start making money online?

must you have your own products to start making money online?

making money online


Whether or not you need to have your own product to become a successful affiliate marketer is a question that has been asked and answered every few minutes since affiliate marketing came on the scene.

The reason it is asked so often is because everybody has a different answer.

There are those who say you absolutely must have your own product to get started and to succeed in affiliate marketing and then there are those who say you don't need a product when you start or even to be successful.

So, which is it? Yes? No?

The fact of the matter is that everybody is right. Having you own product is great but it isn't absolutely necessary.

There are plenty of ways an industrious individual can make money online.  Countless people have turned to the World-Wide-Web looking for a good money making opportunity they can accomplish from the comfort of their own home. It may seem daunting at first but you can make money online if you learn, duplicate and most importantly have the determination to just start.

One of the most ingenious ways to supplement or even replace your income is through online affiliate programs. Online affiliate programs first sprang up in 1996 when started paying websites for referring customers to their site. Now, online affiliate programs are a mainstay in the e-commerce world. Even Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Walmart and Apple have adopted the online affiliate program marketing module.

Online affiliate programs provide home business professionals and online entrepreneurs a risk-free form of advertising to produce revenue from their websites. Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular home based business opportunity because:

1. It requires no production costs.

2. Very low start-up costs.

3. No employees.

4. No inventory.

5. No order processing.

6. No shipping.

7. No customer service.

8. Very limited risk.

But, you don't have a website. What now?

In many cases you don not even need to operate a website or know any HTML to make money with online affiliate programs. (If you are struggling with HTML and other website codes, feel free to visit W3 School - there you can learn all you need to know!!)

With the maturation of contextual advertising through Yahoo! Publisher and Google Adwords many pay-per-click (PPC) savvy online affiliate marketers have moved away from deploying websites and focus entirely on search engine marketing (SEM). This may be a good way for some to test the waters with marketing online affiliate programs but if you're not familiar with setting up PPC campaigns,  WARNING: tread lightly.

The cost per click can quickly add up with little return on your investment if done improperly, leaving you bankrupt and destroyed.

As for myself, I still believe content is king and always will be. Having real estate on the web is much like owning a piece of property, it only matures and appreciates in value with age.

An article published by Click Z news identified that according to eBay their largest affiliate earned over $1.3 million in January 2005 commissions, the largest amount yet in their online affiliate program's history. Their top 25 affiliates averaged over $100 000 per month and the top 100 affiliates earn almost $25 000 each per month.

With these sort of numbers buzzing around the Internet it's no wonder affiliate marketing is quickly becoming the number one money making opportunity online. There are literally thousands of people just like you making a very handsome living from selling other peoples products online.

Don't be fooled though, as we all know, sadly, there are NO get-rich-quick programs online or offline.

Like any business making money with affiliate programs takes work, dedication and education.

But, before you start building a website, buying your domain name and hosting, be sure to read the following articles:

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I hope this post on "Must you have your own product to start making money online?" has answered some of your questions about making money online, if you have any comments, please don't be afraid to share, we all need your useful insight.

Till next time, blessings in abundance!

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