My heart is broken, our dog died, here’s why

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Normally my posts are happy and cheerful, not his one

I am depressed today, but not the kind of depression that can be cured or by changing your life and habbits, the kind of depression that only comes when you loose a great friend.

Only recently I wrote an article about memorial products, who knew I would need one so soon?

You know those moments when you look back and think, if only I knew..........

This is one of them, but sadly, it cost Jesse's life

dog died

You who visit regularly, and have visited our about page would have met Jesse, she loved to pose for photos and made sure she was in our Homeschool photo.

As I write this through my tears, I want to tell you more about her

About Jesse

When she was small, we taught her to sit and give her paw as to say "Thank you" for her food.

No matter when or where, when we eat something, Jesse would sit in front of us, giving her paw so that you can't help sharing.

She loved posing for photos, she was even in the photo I send when I wanted to sell my car - she never missed an opportunity to pose.

The kids taught her to follow a light on the ground, this was so sweet. In the day, she would sit behind a tree or bush and wait for the shadow of a flying insect to pass by and try to catch it (the shadow, not the insect).

In the night, she could play for hours chasing the light of a flashlight on the ground. And if you switched it off, she would go to the flashlight and try to bite it, which meant you must switch it on again, she's not finished playing.

When we would sit outside and say "kissie kiss Jess", she would come and give kisses in our face and neck. This always had the one saying "kissie kiss Jess" laughing, because especially when she went for the neck, the reactions were funny.

She loved hugs too.

But, you shouldn't underestimate her loving kindness, she was a great guard dog - no-one could come near us. If we didn't know someone was going to visit, and had a chance to put her at the back where she could't see them at the gate, they could forget about coming in.

One day, we had a package delivered to us and the man left the package outside the gate, because he was afraid of her.

When I work at my desk, she loved to lay at my feet.

When my husband worked outside, she would always be with him, looking at what he was doing. We used to joke saying for her "work fascinates me, I can watch it for hours," but sometimes it seemed as if she wished she could do those things too.

dog died

She loved homeschooling and dressing up too.

What happened?

We moved to a farm about 2 months ago.

And she loved it......

She especially loved chasing the rabbits and barking at the sheep (those were new animals to her).

If only I knew.....

We knew about ticks and out other dog's regularly got ticks (the fat grey ones) on them, so my husband just removed them - nothing serious.

Jesse got her first tick in her life and we removed it.......nothing serious.

We bought treatment to keep ticks away from them, the ones you apply from neck to tail as well as dip.


The other two dogs were fine, but then Jesse started getting the shivers.....we knew it must have had something to do with ticks, so we went and bought tick powder, an injection and blue liquid, because she wasn't eating well.



blue liquid


We gave her the injection quickly and also treated her with the powder.

Little did we know, between her hair there was lurking ...... two small little ticks, which was no bigger than the head of a pin. Some say you don't get red ticks and others say you do? Well, I'll call it a red tick, because it was red and small.

The saddest part

They say that just before you die, you see your whole life flash before your eyes.

The same applies when you realize your best friend is dying and they tell you there's nothing they can do for her.

Her whole life started flashing before my eyes, seeing her since she was small, all the funny things she did, how she enjoyed it on the farm and through all that realizing that she is busy dying.

Looking into her eyes, seeing the expression, as if she's saying "help me please" and there's nothing you can do.

Did you know?

When a dog reaches this point, there's no saving them?

Not even a great vet can help them. They try by doing blood transfusions, but rarely succeed.

What I wish I knew that could've saved her life

I'm certain that if we realized the danger of these ticks, we would have started taking precautions before we moved to the farm, to ensure that she was completely protected.

I would've rather used the powder from day one, because it's after we applied the powder that the "red ticks" came out of hiding. All the other things we applied before that didn't keep those little buggers away.

My advice to you

If ever you consider moving to a farm, you should treat your dog before you move.

I would say start 4 weeks before the move and on the day of the move apply powder again and then regularly once a week.

The small ticks are the most dangerous, do your best to keep them away.



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