Needlepoint project

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Have you ever considered teaching your children needlepoint?

I must admit, my needlepoint teacher at school was not so nice and i hated needlepoint. up till today, I won't take on any needlepoint project without getting pretty irritated, but this we enjoyed.

Why we enjoyed it so much, I think is because the clothes are not so big and if you make a mistake, the doll will not complain, so this needlepoint project was easy and fun.

We made a few dresses and our model did not complain about anything, especially when she had to fit the clothes so many times.

After we finished, our model (doll) and child had a fashion parade and everyone was invited. It was allot of fun and I will most certainly take out my machine for this again. I must admit that my daughter was a bit scared of the machine at first, but as we do more and more projects she will get used to it and see that the needle in the machine cannot stitch her to the material.

Enjoy the fashion show and remember whether you are homeschooling or your children are in a public school, you can do some needlepoint with them before the teacher scares them and they decide they never want to try it again.

homeschool needlepoint 3

homeschool needlepoint project

homeschool needlepoint project

homeschool needlepoint 2

homeschool needlepoint project

this one was our showstopper and we are most proud of it.

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