new year, new chance to get your house in order

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Can you believe that the first month of this new year is already halfway.

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The Christmas and New Years festivities are over


Have you sorted out your house yet?

Most people had allot of family and friends over this Holiday season and after enjoying seeing everyone and chatting till the early hours of the morning about all the things that happened throughout this past year, good and bad - it is time to return to the old routines and work.

Your family responsibilities and household chores must be continued and everything goes back to normal, like in the days before all the festivities.

And now that you are getting back to your normal chores, you start to realize how far you fell behind and some things (like the kids rooms) went on becoming more and more of a mess without you even noticing it.  You were there all the time, but with the families there, you never realized that everything got so out of hand, that you have to search for everything.

I have good news for you

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The start of a new year is a perfect time for a fresh start, whether it is trying something new (like trying out some of these top 10 canning recipes) or just getting organized (time to tackle that laundry room or the kids bedrooms!). From sweet little spice jar labels to industrial strength recycling bin signs, Mabel's Labels Household Organization Labels bring a sense of structure as well as design to your home management.

Maybe it was you who was visiting

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It seems everyone is going somewhere , and more people mean more bags. Mabel's Labels Bag Tags are sturdy metal tags that can be customized with your name and address, and are not only practical but stylish as well. No more filling out tags at the ticket counter! No more missing paper tags after a flight! Grab some for your next adventure and leave the stress of bag misidentification behind.

You can also use Mabel's Labels Bag Tags to mark your kids' school bags, but there are a few things to remember for the safety of your kids, more on that in my next post.

Do you have some awesome tips for us on sorting out and starting our new year with our house in order, feel free to share.

We always start a new year with some new resolutions, but how many of them stick? Maybe we can try something new this year and see how much of it we can get to stick.

Hope you enjoyed this post on by Linda Pretorius and I am looking forward to your next visit.


  • 2014: The Year of Workplace Reinvention
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